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Today’s drive from the Columbia River Gorge south through Oregon was one I would have never planned out on a map.  I told my GPS where I wanted to end up, well actually well beyond where I knew we would drive, and let it figure out a way to get us there.  And as it turned out it was a slower, and much more scenic drive that last hundred and twenty miles around Mt Hood and on down to Madras, Oregon.  That meant nearly 300 miles for the day and by the time we got into Madras we were tired.  We found a Best Western Hotel there that had a room and called it a day.

Dinner was fun tonight.  Just down the street from our hotel was a Black Bear Diner.

We are familiar with Black Bear, and their very good food in super large portions and decided to go.  But as we drove up there were four paramedic units, an ambulance, and two fire trucks parked outside.  Had they had some kind of trouble inside, we wondered?  Bad food?  A person with allergies who had eaten something they shouldn’t?  Somebody fell?  All kinds of questions ran through our minds.  But we pulled in and found a parking space in the lot.  We could see lots of paramedics and firemen inside, but they were all smiling and not running around as if in any kind of emergency.  And as we got to the front door, one fireman opened the door for us and greeted us.  He could tell by the look on our faces that we were curious about their major presence.
  He calmly told us that they were doing a fund raiser for Cancer by helping out in the restaurant tonight busing tables, bringing out orders and generally helping us enjoy our meals.  He also said he would personally watch over our table to make sure we didn’t stab ourselves or eat anything we were allergic to. And of course he said that with a big grin and a chuckle.   Our dinner was as good as we had expected and we left a nice tip to the waitress and good donation to the fire department.  We had lots of fun.

The last part of the evening wasn’t so nice.  Our room at the hotel was at the very rear of the property and just across the street was a building being used by a religious group.  This was a very active, and noisy group of about thirty or forty folks.  And even when they weren’t singing something at the top of their lungs they were yelling, screaming, and raising the roof with noise.  I had to call the front desk and ask about this.  How late would it last?  The front desk said that they usually stopped before midnight, but he would send someone over to ask them to hold it down as I was the fourth call he had had in the last half hour.  Shortly after 10 pm the noise subsided and we were able to get to sleep.

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