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This is our planned route. Easily changed, in fact it already has been slightly.

As many of my TravBuddy friends already know, I am a very meticulous planner and this trip has already been in the works for months, but is just now to the stage where I feel it is ready to be printed.  Oh, there may be several changes between now and the day we leave, as well as while we are on the road. That’s one of the fun things of this type of road trip. While the basics are all there, we have no schedule, no mandatory requirements other than to get out, see the world, enjoy, take a gazillion pictures, write blog entries, do reviews, buy souvenirs, maybe have meetups with other TB members and see where they call home.

So for what it is worth, in one easy place to see, here is our itinerary:


Reno, NV end of day 1, May 10th

Winnemucca, NV

Elko, NV

West Wendover, NV end of day 2, May 11th

Salt Lake City, UT

Green River, WY

Rawlins, WY, end of day 3, May 12th

Cheyenne, WY

North Platte, NE, end of day 4, May 13th

Dodge City, KS, end of day 5, May 14th

Chase, KS (one of several cities in the US with my last name)

Overland Park, KS, end of day 6, May 15th - possible meet-up

Kansas City MO.

St Louis, MO, end of day 7, May 16th

Indianapolis, IN - possible meet-up

Cincinnati, OH, end of day 8, May 17th

Charleston, WV

Beckley, WV

Lexington, VA, end of day 9, May 18th

Chase City, VA (another of the US cities with my last name)

Williamsburg, VA - end of day 10, May 19th

Washington, DC - end of day 11, May 20th

Baltimore, MD

Hershey, PA - being a chocolate freak I couldn't miss this one

Lancaster, PA - end of day 12, May 21st

Wilmington, DE

Atlantic City, NJ

Philadelphia, PA - end of day 13, May 22nd


New Haven, CT

Province, RI

Warren, RI - end of day 14, May 23rd

Swansea, MA - end of day 15, May 24th looking for historic family sites 

Provincetown, MA

Boston, MA - end of day 16, May 25th and May 26th

Salem, MA

Scarborough, ME (thanks to Jackie)

Augusta, ME - end of day 18, May 27th - possible mini-meetup

Montpelier, VT

Monroe, NH - end of day 19, May 28th

Little Falls, NY - end of day  20 and 21 May 29 & 30th

Niagara Falls, ON - end of day 22, May 31st

Toronto, ON - end of day 23, June 1st

Detroit, MI - end of day 24, June 2nd

Chicago, IL - end of day 25, June 3rd

Milwaukee, WI

Madison, WI - end of day 26, June 4th

Bankston, IA

Dyersville, IA

Waterloo, IA - end of day 27, June 5th

Gladbrook, IA

Minneapolis, MN - end of day 28, June 6th - possible mini-meetup

Alexandria, MN

Fargo, ND - end of day 29, June 7th

Jamestown, ND

Bismarck, ND - end of day 30, June 8th

Wolf Point, MT - end of day 31, June 9th

Browning, MT

Glacier Natl. Park - end of day 32, June 10th

Calgary, Alberta - end of day 33, June 11th

Vancouver, BC - end of day 34, June 12th

Seattle, WA - end of day 35, June 13th

Portland, OR - end of day 36, June 14th

Medford, OR - end of day 37, June 15th

Eureka, CA - end of the day 38, June 16th

Calistoga, CA - visiting California wineries

Napa, CA - end of day 39, June 17th

Coalinga, CA

Home - end of day 40, June 18th

We think that if we start on May 10th, our pre determined start date, it will take us til near the end of June to complete the trip, which is more than 9,000 miles, and get us home.

And after having a very bad attack of asthma this spring due to allergies, I have gone to the doctor for meds and he has given me a 10 day regime of steriods that are working very well and making our plans to start look better and better each day.  With about two weeks til we leave things are looking very good.



misseejjay says:
this is so awesome...I have the same goal, for now its just a dream. Wish you an amazing journey!!
Posted on: Feb 26, 2011
dellenin says:
wow... an amazing feat, going around the great states :o)
Posted on: Jul 12, 2010
ajdennis1980 says:
I would love to visit all the states, very jealous :)
Posted on: Jun 17, 2010
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This is our planned route. Easily …
This is our planned route. Easily…
photo by: Hummingbird