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There are giant TV screens on almost every street corner

Tokyo was fun...exhausting but fun. The reason the Japanese are so health is because they walk everywhere. Andrea and I left today at about 10:00 am and got on the train and rode down to Tokyo. We stopped at a temple in Asakusa.


After the temple we went to the Anime store; as of right now I am not a huge fan of anime but I have to say I was impressed with the store; it was really neat. I had no idea that you could by so many different things. There were pencils, pencil boards, erasers, pins, stickers, pencil cases, puzzles, calendars, and so much more. All you had to was go to the section with your favorite anime and you could find almost anything you wanted.


After the anime store, we went to a HUGE bookstore that had a small English section and I bought two books because I am going through withdrawal.

Pedestrians own the roads in Tokyo
After the bookstore, it was back to the station where we hopped on the train and came home.


It sounds like a fast trip but it really was not. I was able to see some of Tokyo but the city is so huge I was unable to see all of it. My impressions; it is a modern city that is pretty fast paced; there are TV screens (like the one in Time Square, in New York) all over the place. There are many modern stores like we have back in the USA including Gucci. However, Tokyo has an Eastern feeling to it. For example, Andrea and I were walking past a clothing store…an upscale one at that…when we came across a unique window display the store had. Fish (honest, dead fish) with a nice taffeta cloth under them.


The train system in Japan is amazing; the trains run like clockwork and are super handing when you need to get around. I have the ticket system figured out now and I am glad Andrea was there to help me out because I would have been lost otherwise. If you know what you are doing the signs are easy to follow. The larger train stations are like huge shopping malls. I have never seen anything like it before (but I am a small town girl).

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There are giant TV screens on almo…
There are giant TV screens on alm…
Pedestrians own the roads in Tokyo
Pedestrians own the roads in Tokyo
There was so much to take in...I h…
There was so much to take in...I …
How much is that fish in the windo…
How much is that fish in the wind…
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