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On Saturday when Jana and I left Ami for Tokyo it was beautiful day. We took the train to Ueno where we ate at the Hard Rock Café. The food there was once again awesome as was most of the music. We then left the Hard Rock for the Ueno Zoo.


As we walked to the Ueno Zoo we heard thunder but figured it might pass us by so we paid the six dollars enter the zoo and went to see the Giant Panda. I am only going to make this statement once but if you have a problem with small cages the Ueno Zoo is not the zoo for you.


As we looked at the Giant Panda. I think this was the hardest exhibit to see because the Panda was in a concrete box with a huge glass window. There wasn’t much else in the cage. Even the outdoor area for the panda was small.


The next exhibit we stopped at was the elephant area.

Elephants have been my favorite animal ever since I was a child. I was impressed with the elephants but once again I thought that the area they were in was too small.


Well, Jana and I got pretty wet viewing the animals in the rain but we still had a fun time. There are so many songs that one can sing at the zoo about the weather. Tomorrow: from Annie, Heat Wave, Mr. Sun, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…yes, we did get some funny looks. But after an hour the rain went away and we were able to see the rest of the zoo.


The reptile house was funny. We ended up at the fish section and looked at the fish from America….the bluegill.


Jana fell in love with the penguin (did you know there are penguins named the Jackass Penguin?) who was harassing the person cleaning his cage and I no longer like Zebras. The zebra at the zoo kept showing me its butt whenever I tried to get a picture of it.


The zoo was fun and there were animals that I had never seen before but I will not return to the zoo because the cages were just too small. No matter how much fun I had my mind kept returning to that fact.

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This is the puppet that was shown …
This is the puppet that was shown…
photo by: maka77