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Tokyo Disneyland! Tokyo Disneyland! Jana and I have been talking about going to Tokyo Disneyland for a month or two now and we finally went to today. The purpose of the trip was not to ride on the rides but to eat a ton of food and to do some shopping.


I picked Jana up at 5:45 and we headed off to Hitachi-no-Ushiku Station where we JR Joban line for Kashiwa. Once we got to Kashiwa we switched to the JR Joban local line and stayed on that until we got to Shinmatsudo. We switched to the JR Musashio line and then we got off at Maihama, and after that it was a short walk to the gates of Tokyo Disneyland. I think we arrived at around 7:50.


The park opens at eight o’clock and you either need to get early or later in the day because the lines to enter the park are long.

I would advise going earlier if you want to get fast passes and avoid the lines. By ten thirty the fast passes for the Haunted Mansion and Pooh’s Honey Hunt were sold out. The fast pass was available for 9:00pm for Space Mountain and the lines were already up to a 2 ½ hour wait.


Jana and I rode the remodeled Pirates of the Caribbean. There were a couple of new parts with characters from the movie added in but for the most part it was the same old ride. Two Japanese girls sat next to us and proceeded to talk through the entire ride about Johnny Depp. It got rather annoying but the new additions to the ride made up for that.


After that we headed off to find food and get fast passes for Thunder Mountain.

Jana got a turkey leg and I ate two pieces of bacon and pineapple pizza. We also tried the pumpkin cheesecake that came in a souvenir cup and I thought it was rather tasty. We walked around taking time to enjoy the Halloween decorations that were out and then we rode on Snow White’s Adventure. It was a fun ride. However, the really fun part was watching the reaction to the kids who came out of the ride. The little ones were crying because there were a couple of scary parts. One child wouldn’t let go of their mother.


We had enough time after the ride to grab our next snack which was soda flavored popcorn. It stated like the Trix cereal. Then it was time for Thunder Mountain. The ride is a roller coaster that was made for me. No huge drops and not to many climbs up the tracks. It is a roller coaster with small drops and sharp turns. I loved it.


Jana and I then tried to get to One Man’s Dream II.

It is a stage show but we were cut off by the Halloween parade that was going through the park. We missed the 2:00 showing but were able to line up for the 3:40 showing. The people who were in charge of the line were awesome. They made sure we had a place to sit while they were cleaning the queue area and then they led us to the front of the line and told us that if we “need to use the bathroom or if we wanted to get food to tell them and they would make sure our sports were waiting for us.” How nice is that? I did make a food run. Jana and I were craving ice cream so I got us some ice cream sandwiches.


After the show we wandered around the park and did some shopping. For dinner we ate at the East End Café. It is an Italian restaurant and the food was good. Unfortunately by this point we were both too exhausted to enjoy it as much as we could have.

We tried to do some shopping after dinner but most people had that idea. We were out of the park by seven o’clock. We will need to go back because we didn’t eat the delicious waffles that the park has.
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photo by: maka77