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Beth had been talking about having a vegetarian dinner for the past couple of weeks and decided that it would be a perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Kevin, Pete, and I were a bit confused because we could not figure out how it could be Thanksgiving without turkey. Living in Japan is wonderful but a person has to learn how to do without certain things and turkey would be one of them. We accepted the fact that it would be a dinner without turkey.
Beth being the wonderful sweetheart that she is did some research and found a store in Tsukuba that not only had turkey but also cooked it for you. All you had to do was order the bird in advance and then pick it up at the designated time. Pete took the directions from Beth, found the place, and ordered the bird.
Look at that turkey!
At a cost of $80!!! (The bird had to be imported and cooked!)
On Friday, I headed over to Beth and Kevin’s apartment to help them get ready for the ALT dinner. My job was to cut/peel the fruits and veggies. Beth had bought a TON! While I worked on the fruits and veggies, Beth started her cooking. She made cranberry coleslaw, pear/rice/cranberry stuffing, mushroom gravy, green bean casserole, and mash potatoes. All of this was done using only a stove and a toaster oven!
The dinner started at 6:30 (when Pete arrived with the turkey! We were all a bit worried about the turkey. Granted the store said it was a turkey but for all we knew it could have been the size of a Cornish Hen or a duck. But there it was the beautiful and cooked TURKEY!!!

 The food was delicious and the company was great.
Beth, Kevin, Pete, Karina, Pete’s friend Sara, Yoko, Andrea, Ryn, and I were all there. Karina and Yoko had never had a Thanksgiving dinner and never seen a turkey before so we explained the tradition to them and everyone one said what they were thankful for. I think we hit every Thanksgiving tradition. Pete and Kevin did a mock fight of how to cut the turkey and then argued about how long it was taking to cut the bird. Beth and I were compared to Andrea’s mother, and then Kevin pretended to cry when Pete told him to crave the bird ALREADY! It was like dinner with the crazy distant relatives.
After dinner, Pete and Kevin headed into the computer room and played some computer games. Andrea brought Phase 10 with her and the rest of us spent the night playing cards. It was a prefect Thanksgiving.
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Look at that turkey!
Look at that turkey!
photo by: ErinPatty