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My internet is still not hooked up; this has confirmed my theory that I am indeed addicted to the internet. So now, my addictions consist of peanut butter, chocolate, and the internet.

Today I walked around Ami for about a half hour and I was surprised to find that at 9:00 am nothing was open.

Culture shock of the Day: Things in Japan do not open until 10:00 am (the giant supermarket closes at midnight) and banks close at 3:00 pm (I don’t know what time the banks open).

I ate some Japanese Curry yesterday and it had a bit of a bite to it. Everyone seemed surprised because normally Japanese Food isn’t too spicy. The teachers are all really welcoming and I enjoy hanging around them.

I had `training` yesterday. It was more of a talk than anything else was on what one will find in a Japanese classroom. It helped to calm my nerves but I am still not to sure on the teaching part. I guess that during the first two weeks of September, there is a Sports Festival and most of the time is spent practicing for that so not many classes are taught. I am looking forward to that because it will ease me into the process and I can get to know the English teachers.

John (from Texas) came yesterday and went through training with me. He has taught before (point for him) but has no Japanese (Point for me). We are planning to take Friday classes together. Friday Classes are taught in the Yomo International Office. I might be moved up to a higher Japanese class because of my time in Beloit, I am not sure on this because I don’t know if I know that much Kanji and if the vocabulary I have is correct for the class. In October, the community center offers free Japanese Classes on Sundays so if I am not too busy with the teaching I will probably sit in on those also.

The plans for today are attempt shopping on my own (I need milk and bread and food other than noodles in general) and dust my apartment. I want to keep it looking nice and clean because it was new when I moved it. Oh, I have Japanese MTV and a Japanese Cartoon Channel so I watched Hello Kitty and some Japanese Music videos today.

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photo by: ErinPatty