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Beth, Andrea, and I met in Ebisu, had lunch, and decided we wanted to try the onsen in Odaiba. The Ooedo-onsen Monogatari is the onsen that most foreigners visit when they head to Tokyo. The onsen has an Edo Period theme that makes it a sight to see.


When you enter the onsen you must stop at the registration desk to check in, you pay, and get a wristband with a key and bar code on it. That is what you use to pay for all of the extras at the onsen and then you just pay the total when you lave the onsen. After you get your wristband, you head over to the Yukata section, and pick out a Yukata to wear. You then head to the changing room and change into the Yukata (a bathrobe but better), and then you are free to walk around or soak.


The first thing we did was head to the footbath to soak our feet.

Now this is the only bath that the men and women can do together. The rest of the baths are split up (for obvious reasons). We enjoyed the foot soak and then headed for the women’s only baths. We soaked in two of their outdoor baths for an hour before we headed back in for a smoothie and some food.


The shop and food stall area is huge. There are rooms for large groups to eat in and there is also a food court area that is for everyone. It is like what you would see at a mall but all of the stalls keep with the Edo period theme. I had ramen, Beth ate some tofu and vegetables, and Andrea enjoyed some tempura.


After eating our fill we went back to the baths. I headed for the restroom and missed the drama. Turns out the onsen recently started a new policy of no tattoos and called Andrea on hers.

When we entered the onsen, they never asked about tattoos and we never saw a sign but turns out there is policy and Andrea was not allowed in the baths. After talking Andrea decided to head back to the footbath because she could wear her Yukata, which would cover her nice and tasteful tattoo on her arm. It is not a huge tattoo but it is noticeable. Beth who also has a tattoo around her belly button decided to try the baths because she did not think they had noticed hers.


Beth and I soaked for another hour and then we met Andrea at the footbath where she was soaking her feet and reading her book. We stopped back in the shop/food area for another snack and then headed home.


The onsen is HUGE and there is so much to do there. They have sand bath where you are buried in hot sand and a sauna where you lie down on a bed of hot rocks.

There are also massages and some weird thing where you can have fish eat the dead skin off your feet. (There is an episode of Ugly Betty where Vanessa Williams character does that). We passed on all of those and just enjoyed the baths but I am thinking about trying something next time I head down there.


Another great thing about the onsen is that it is open from 11:00am until 9:00am. That is right! You can sleep over at the onsen for extra 1,575 yen.  The normal cost is about 2,827  yen but if you arrive after 6:00pm the cost is only 1,987 yen .

Ann_Hells says:
This sounds so relaxing! But I don't think I could try the fish cleaning method, I would get too ticklish, Hahaha.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2007
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