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A picture of the amusement park in Yokohama

The ALTs left for Yokohama, at nine, to go to the Beer/Food festival that was being held there. Yokohama is about two and half hours south of Ami and is a beautiful/modern city. It is located on the coast and also has a military base there. It was the perfect day for the beer/food festival. The weather was in the mid/upper seventies and there was not a cloud in the sky. We all got a bit burned.

We got to the food festival and proceeded to eat our fill. Food from all over the world was represented there. Katie and I walked around the festival and picking out where we wanted to eat.  I had Mongolian, Thai, and Egyptian. There were a ton of people there, the lines were long, really long. I think Jana waited 45 minutes to get her food.

A large ferris wheel with the 'world's largest clock'
Because it was crowed we all ended up getting split up.

Brooke, Karina, and Beth headed for the Beer Festival, I think Pete and Kevin were already there. Jana went off and explored on her own, she walked around the festival and took some pictures. Andrea wasn’t feeling too well so she left and headed back to Ami.

Katie and I decided we really were not into the beer drinking event so instead we went and walked around China town for a couple of hours. I have been to China Town before but it was Katie’s first time. I showed her the temple there and we went into a couple of shops. The shops were fun because they have some really pretty Chinese style dresses, stuffed Pandas, and just weird knickknacks. After that, we met up with Jana who was sitting outside the beer festival and we just enjoyed sitting in the grass and talking.

Once we rejoined the group I ended up splitting a bottle of wine with Kevin and much to the horror of Beth we just drank straight out of the bottle. I also learned that it is not a good idea to say that your family enjoys drinking boxed wine in front of Beth because she is a bit a wine snob. I am going to have her educate me on the art of wine.

The sharing of the bottle with Kevin probably wasn’t too smart because I was just getting over my cold and Kevin was pretty sick. Kevin really shouldn’t have gone to Yokohama, he should have stayed home in bed. However, he had a wonderful time so I think that it made up for him feeling pretty crappy at the end of the day.

After we finished the wine we went to a hamburger restaurant that Beth loves.

Outside of Red Brick Building...a landmark in Yokohama
I must sat that the food was really good. Katie and I split a turkey, cheese, and bacon sandwich while everyone else enjoyed a burger. Then we went to the amusement park.

The amusement park is rather small by American standards, two roller costars, a log flume, and a huge Ferris Wheel. I was going to ride the huge Ferris Wheel until I stood under it. Some things should just not be that high, and a Ferris Wheel is one of them. Because the wait was 75 minutes the other ALTs decided not to go on it. So instead, Brooke, Kevin, Beth, and I went on a wild mouse roller coaster. It was a blast but I felt a bit ill after it. That was the final bit of the day and we started our journey home.

We finally got back to Ami around 11:30 and I went straight to bed.

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A picture of the amusement park in…
A picture of the amusement park i…
A large ferris wheel with the wor…
A large ferris wheel with the 'wo…
Outside of Red Brick Building...a …
Outside of Red Brick Building...a…
The modern city of Yokohama
The modern city of Yokohama
Walking to the festival
Walking to the festival
The crowd of people
The crowd of people
A tall building in Yokohama
A tall building in Yokohama
photo by: maka77