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We (meaning, Brooke, Katie, Jana, Andrea, and I) went bowling in Tsukuba at a really nice bowling alley. The cost was pretty cheap, it was $5.00 a game and shoes were extra. Getting bowling shoes in Japan is awesome. You walk up to this rotating locker, put your money in, select your shoe size, and the locker will rotate, open, and you pull out your shoes. Pretty neat, huh?

The one problem that we had was figuring out how to turn on our score machine, we don’t read kanji. So we asked the couple sitting next to us for help and after a couple of minutes they got it up and running for us.

We had a fun time bowling, the conversation was great, bowling was fun, and we were entertained at some of the things happening in the bowling alley. Two lanes down from us a young boy (about five) was bowling. In reality his dad was bowling but the kid walked up with him and helped the dad throw the ball down the lane. There was also a man wearing a shirt with a buck (as in deer) on it. The buck had a nice rack (ten pointer I think) and a snake tongue that was sticking out of the month. Jana and I had a huge laugh about that.

Katie and Brooke kicked butt at bowling, Jana came in third, I was in fourth place (I think at an even 70), and Andrea came in last. None of us a huge bowlers but that might change.

We only bowled a game because we needed to head to bed as we were going to Yokohama for the beer/food festival the next day.

melissak says:
I went bowling when I was in Japan too! Tons of fun, of course, it was a bit easier for me as I was with 3 Japanese people. Where I was we didn't do that crazy shoe thing you talked about, I guess its different in some places?
Posted on: Nov 11, 2007
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My reaction after a gutter ball
My reaction after a gutter ball
photo by: lacarte