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It is only this year that I truly got to know the Euromast park in Rotterdam, after living in Rotterdam for over 7 years. I have studied in it a couple of times when I was still in university, but was too distracted by my lessons to truly enjoy it. Last year I walked upon it when I first came to live across the park. It is a great place for my runs, I just step out of my doorstep and there I am, running around in one of the largest green areas we have here.

When you are around here, the Euromast park is a definitely-not-to-miss-must-see. Not only because of the Euromast and the Kunsthal (museum) nearby, but also because of the wonderful design, its flora and fauna and the big, old trees that each have their own history.
wonderful trees...starting to get green!
... This spring, I enjoy the park so much! I will tell you why. Just be sure not to miss it at any point during the year.

Dutch people are welknown for their chats and comments about the weather (...when it is cold, like last winter when we had tonnes of snow, it was always too cold. And it was hard to move when trains stopped as they got stuck or broken by snow. In summer, it is either too hot, or rainy. We are actually lucky when we have plenty of time to spend outside in the sun during summer time. It is like a seldom treat we enjoy as much as the last candy you find in your closet when you do need the craving very badly...)

So, what we love most is the SUN. Especially the earliest days of the year, when everything starts to grow, trees blossom, flowers stick their head up and birds are running around eachother and sing to each other from tree to tree.
People chilling out, not so busy yet...
It gives everyone a smile on their face when we go out to enjoy some drinks with friends, do shopping outside or start to have dinners with wine in our garden.

This spring has started pretty well (well, after this winter any spring would do...) We had two very sunny weekends (often Dutch people consider themselves to be unlucky, as often weekdays are sunny and weekends not so sunny...). I got 'banned' out of my place, which get truly hot as the sun is shining straight at my large windows, making it feel as a greenhouse. And so I decided to get my books and plaid to spend my afternoons in the early sun. I discovered I am not the only one with this great idea! I have never seen the park this full. But it feels just so relaxing to be there... I discovered a beautiful part of the park, covered with tulips in sparkling colors, which are the favorites of many curious photographers.

The atmosphere is great, as the park is filled with young families, kids running around (their laughter is a wonderful mixture of excitement and happiness), young artists, friends, couples, elder people etc. Everyone leaves each other the way they are. It is so to say.....peaceful. You know what I mean? Everyone just does what he want to do, showing mutual respect in a way that seems to be a silent agreement amongst everyone.

Sitting in the park, my sunglasses at the tip of my nose (to spot anything interesting that is sunbathing here...;-D ) finishing my small inventory of water and snacks, I observe my surroundings with a quiet mind. If everyone would be like this in daily life at any place. How would society be? Would we still need police walking around on the streets continuously? Would we still have to look over our shoulder going home after a night out? Would we have to watch our children as they go out to play?

I stop thinking about this and turn to my book. I smile while the child runs by to pick up their football, and feel truly relaxed. I wonder what life would be without sun. I just can't imagine. It seems to be an essential ingredient to life the spirit!

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wonderful trees...starting to get …
wonderful trees...starting to get…
People chilling out, not so busy y…
People chilling out, not so busy …
More tulips, I just love them!
More tulips, I just love them!
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photo by: polvandenwirre