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Hi all. What a friendly site this is by the way, very nice. Hello to you all.

This 'blog' isn't really much about what i'm doing, more about hopefully getting some help and advice from whoever reads it - yes audience participation is mandatory!

I'm heading over to Japan/Korea next Wednesday (ash cloud permitting, god bless you Iceland, first Kerry Katona, now this) but planning isn't going so well. Mainly because I don't want to plan, I want to arrive with minimal things set in stone so I'm not set to a strict schedule but can instead just do whatever looks good at the time. How naive, I know! But so far my plans involve 2 nights of accomo booked for a 5 night stay in Tokyo (maths was never my strength), a flight to Korea, (immediately breaking my rule of flying when I can travel overland), followed by a rough plan of working my way from Seoul, down Korea across to Japan and back over to Tokyo before flying to Oz 20 or so days later.  

I will get a JR pass when in Korea as I understand this has to be bought whilst abroad and will hopefully be able to validate it when i'm back in Japan, probably at Fukuoka.

If anyone is around these places in May and fancies giving me a 'ridiculous plan' high-five, or maybe wants to show me their neck of the woods whilst I'm passing through, well that would be great. Hanging out with locals, and seeing whatever they're upto is a pretty important part of travelling for me. Its always the people you meet you remember most.


X_Drive says:
Sorry I can't give you much help on the orient, but I can let you know that the "forums" section may give you more replys about going. Good luck and have fun! :D
Posted on: Apr 25, 2010
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