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If you EVER see this Logo on your aeroplane, GET OFF THE PLANE.

The next day after getting up at 5am we headed to Santa Cruz, although this took a lot longer than originally planned as border control was shut due to Brazil`s quarter final against Holland. This meant we missed our train, and after negotiating a man with the hairiest ears of all time at a Bolivian immigration building that couldn`t organise sex in a brothel, we had to get a bolivian night bus. First and foremost Bolivia is third world, it is quite odd that it is surrounded by far more affluent countries, and the general transport network reflected this. We nearly missed our bus because it decided to leave 20 minutes early (Rich seeing it on the way back from getting food and chasing a couple of blocks to stop it), the seats were broken and the place was horrendously dusty.

Bolivian Bus.
The bus driver drove like Lewis Hamilton through the local area and at more than one point a couple of us were convinced it was going to tip over. The saving grace though was refined to the toilet being locked halfway through which meant myself and Rich turned to drastic measures and after some fine engineering created a bottle that we could relieve ourselves in and through out the window. Brutal. That said, where we considered ourselves somewhat animalistic, we won`t forget the image of the woman squatting below our window steaming one out in a hurry. Just when everything seemed to be turning around, the driver managed to get us beached in a dune of sand at about 4am with 2 hours left to Santa Cruz. Fortunately he had forgotten his spade so we had to wave down a passing truck so we could dig ourselves out.
Bolivian Women - more about their dresses in the next entry.
Upon studying the angle he had entered the turn, quite how he had convinced himself he would be able to make it was beyond anyone on the bus, and probably most of the local wildlife.

We eventually arrived and grabbed a cab to the hotel, and after some sleep we headed out to watch the Germany v Argentina quarter final at a local restaurant. In what is becoming almost protocol out here, it came as no surprise when three girls gave me their numbers whilst they were leaving the restaurant. One would struggle to be weighed on standard bathroom scales, but the other two were both pretty fit, so we milled over borrowing our tour guides`phone ahead of going out in the evening. Back at the hotel we indulged in a gym session, where Premier League footballer Chris absolutely destroyed us - well I say us, Kev did 20 reps and decided he needed a fag, so I`m sure he did enough exercise to be considered.
4am in the morning, bus beached in the sand.
After a meal and some drinking shithead ruined Kev and Rich we cruised out to a Brazilian themed nightclub where the music was amongst the best we`ve heard since being out here. In what was a slightly peculiar situation, one girl began grinding me whilst looking at Chris, and after dicussing whether she met any sort of criteria, collectively we decided she was a last resort, although those were Chris`words, not mine. No sooner had this been discussed, after me returning from getting a drink, Chris was dancing with the last resort and was quickly whisked off to discuss the merits of being english. Meanwhile Rich had managed to finally pluck up the courage to speak to a gorgeous Bolivian 26 year old having orginally been introduced to what can only be described as her `bubbly`mate.
Canyon Defense. Kev is a professional.
Kev was outside utilising the old `have you got a lighter`trick with a brown shirted native, but things didn`t seem to go to plan as when they met inside the nightclub again she informed him that she was too ill to dance with him. Funny as this was, it was surpassed by Kev dancing with some bloke`s wife inside the nightclub and the look on his face when the husband took the wife back. During this myself and Rich had found ourselves on our own, and after telling me I shouldn`t dance with her because it will leave him on his own, Rich promptly went and pulled the blonde that was looking at me. Kev then re-emerged with some news that our guide would like to discuss the merits of being english with me, and in what is now standard Ally Sim procedure, I managed to somehow miss a cab home with her after walking her outside.
Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

On the day we were due to fly to La Paz, we awoke to find the last resort in bed with Chris, and after packing all our stuff up we were subjected to the long goodbye as our bus was about to depart to the airport. The poor girl couldn`t speak any english, so it must have been difficult for her to convey her feelings for Chris, as she clearly seemed to think there was a future there judging by how tight she was holding him.  We arrived at the airport and boarded our flight with ten minutes to spare as for whatever reason I had packed pepper spray in my hand luggage and the security and customs officers didn`t seem to keen on it. Kev was shaking like Stevens during the flight due to nerves and was much more vocal and appreciative as we touched down in the highest capital in the world.

Unfortunately there is now very little to tell as the last two nights have been dominated by my food poisoning - although Kev has become addicted to Canyon Defense on Miniclip, and La Paz is quite a nice city in terms of the walks we have been on and restaurants eaten in. At the time of righting my stomach is still very fragile (I predict you will be able to hear my scream of euphoric joy when a solild leaves my body) and we are about to head to a South American wide renowned party hostel. Oh the joys of travelling. Hopefully this time Kev won`t get his card cloned or forget to take his malaria tablet.

Also, don`t expect to get used to the frequency of these blogs - it may be a while until you hear from us again

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If you EVER see this Logo on your …
If you EVER see this Logo on your…
Bolivian Bus.
Bolivian Bus.
Bolivian Women - more about their …
Bolivian Women - more about their…
4am in the morning, bus beached in…
4am in the morning, bus beached i…
Canyon Defense. Kev is a professio…
Canyon Defense. Kev is a professi…
Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009