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Heathrow Airport

After Kev coming round to my house the night before (and me destroying him on pro with Michael Ballack) we set off to Heathrow on the morning of the 10th excited about our expedition. The mood quickly changed when we got the airport because Kev doesn't like flying and started getting nervous A LOT. His mood wasn't helped when throughout the entire time we were waiting to board we could see the pilots sitting in their cockpit with one of their windows wide open. Luckily to distract myself I managed to find duty free and put on some Calvin Klein Be so I smelt good for the girls on the flight. As usual.

The flight was fine - I watched Avatar (longest film of all time), When in Rome (gayest film of all time) and It's complicated (second gayest film of all time), until we tried to BLOODY LAND.

Kev looking much more relaxed than he was.
At which point just as were about to land the plane pulled up and we had to circle round again - apparently the weather conditions were too unsafe - which as you can imagine, did wonders for Kev.

At Atlanta airport, after checking in and being chat up by some old women in the queue to customs we went to baggage where for some reason my bag had come out, when it shouldn't have. I put in in baggage re-check and got worried it had gone in the wrong one, chances are it is now at the world cup. Kev eyed up a stewardess but couldn't decide whether she was a goer or not. (ps she was pretty fit). And Puddle of Mudd - she f***ing hates me came on my ipod as we were doing this, so we took this as a sign we should leave.

We boarded the flight to Rio De Janeiro, and as it wasn't full there were a few spare seats.

Casual. Just put on some Calvin Klein.
Up until the final minute I had three seats to myself in the middle row but then BO Barry came over, sat next to me and stunk the entire rear section of the plane out. Whilst this was going on Kev was getting surrounded by more and more female brazilian natives. I was literally furious.

After this we were informed the plane had a fault and after much deliberation we got off the plane and were checked into an Atlanta hotel for the evening paid for by Delta Airlines. (pretty certain Big Boi from Outkast was on the till serving us). We were given free meal tokens for breakfast which was duely absolutely destroyed by Kev. After breakfast I went to get my flight tickets from my room but some idiot room service porter cleaning moron had thrown them in her bin - fortunately I was able to find her and rescue my tickets from said bin.

Airport in Rio De Janeiro
Only other problem with the hotel is that there was some ginger retard kid wandering around shouting and waving his teddy at everyone, and he scared me on my way to the toilet by shouting at me. Luckily I am trained in espionage and managed to make my way to the toilet without making eye contact.

As I write this we are in the hotel in Atlanta waiting for our flight to Rio this evening and Kev has just seen Ms Royston 2010 and informed me in no uncertain terms that he would do her. Little does he know what nickname Darren Godfrey gave her in year 8....

We will talk again soon.

rheagirl says:
Congrats! :D
Posted on: Dec 04, 2010
ladyluck13and7 says:
Greatest review. Ever.
Posted on: Dec 04, 2010
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Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport
Kev looking much more relaxed than…
Kev looking much more relaxed tha…
Casual. Just put on some Calvin Kl…
Casual. Just put on some Calvin K…
Airport in Rio De Janeiro
Airport in Rio De Janeiro
photo by: vulindlela