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Carpool: Hyundai Getz model 2007. Passengers: 5 including driver. Gas Loaded: Unleaded @ Flying V Clark for P1500 enough for the back and forth trip
Time Date Kilometer Location Expenses Activity/NOTES
9:27 PM 4/8/2010 0 Julie's Place, Friendship, Angeles City   Final Pickup
  4/9/2010   Tondol Beach P5 per head; Free Parking: cottages @ P150 and P200 for day stay and +P50 for overnight; P10 for rinsewash; P5 for toilet use.
this is the drop off point for the bolinao falls...see the pavement isn't ideal for average cars. It's a 4.7km, 28 mins travel from Quezon Road (highway).
There are variety stores from private houses, and some of these rent rooms @ P1000 for overnight. They said it was good for up to 10 persons. The price is apparently super negotiable as not so many know this place yet. Maki Pulido's family also lease a bungalow, 3 bed aircoon rooms with videoke and a balsa cottage for P3500 a night.
For the route from Quezon Road to Anda, if you're travelling at nightime, make sure head lights are all working. It's totally dark out there. We had coffee at the ANDA market where there was a bakery open. From there on, expect the pavement to be rough. It seems it has been cracked by an earthquake. When we arrived, there was nobody in the beach resort, though the gates are open for pedestrian. We came in and took an early morning snack. After that, we took a nap and waited for the light. Around 5:30 AM the caretakers arrived 1 by 1, and that's when we paid our fees.
8:48 AM         left Tondol Beach
9:23 AM   208 Quezon Road -Anda T Junction   Travel
9:36 AM   219 Germinal Public Market We spent P165 for 4 rice, 2 seafood ginataans, 1 pork viand, and Monggo. Water is served free. Bought some stuff and had seafood especialty brunch.
that's what you get. it's free entrance and at the time of our visit,,,there is literally no one in the falls. You'll be surprised that the water is actually coming from a river you'll pass by en route to the falls.
My mom can't cook good seafood except for tilapia, bangus, squid, and other more common ones, so I took the chance to try out their culinary, under the assumption that they should be good at their craft. Indeed, it was a hot spicy and creamy delight for their ginataans.
10:13 AM         left Germinal Public Market off to UP MSI
10:38 AM   226.3 UP MSI   closed for renovation so head straight to Patar beach with Balingasay River on the route
10:55 AM   242.5 Balingasay River   Photoshoot
11:50 AM   247.3 Cape Bolinao Lighthouse   You'll pass by Enchanted Cave and Cindy's cave en route to the lighthouse. We had to scout for a resort to stay in overnight that's why it took us an hour from balingasay river to Cape Bolinao, but it shouldn't take everybody else that long, though consider a rough road on the way.
12:20 PM         left Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
12:26 PM   249.3 Cindy's Cave P150 for 5 people. Cindy's cave is somewhere before the Ligthouse and before the White Sand Beach. We thought that the water at Cindy's cave is most ideal when sun is high up as opposed to swimming in the beachfront
1:43 PM         left Cindy's Cave
2:00 PM   253.7 Patar White Sand Public Beach P30 Parking Fee; P100 for Cottage (regular P200 but since the cottages are good for up to 20 persons and there were only 5 of us, we nogitiated for half price); no entrance charges but be ready with a lot of coins for you'll have to pay for P5 per pail when brushing or doing call of nature. Think twice before rinsing because the underground water is no different from the sea water. Hence, the rinse isn't really a rinse.  In our case, we though about spending the night there instead, but the caretaker said we'll have to pay another P200 for the cottage, on top of the P100 we initially paid, and another P300 for something like overnight fee. That equals P500 and it wasn't worth it compared to the rate we got at D'Odero Resort for a more comfortable lodge.
8:07 PM   257.2 D'Odero Resort Negotiate the Room Rates Call Beeboi 09204526157. He's overly kind. Because of the discount and hospitality he's shown us, we invited him to drank, and his wife got him spanked the morning…
2:21 PM   284.2     left Odero Resort. The odd thing about the kilometer reading was due to the fact that we had to travel that much kilometers out to the town proper and back to get ice for our alcohol session the night before.
3:21 PM   295.1 St James Church (Bolinao Church)   This is just along the germinal public market at the town proper.
4:01 PM   313.2 Bolinao Falls, Samang Norte   Rough and dusty Road and slopes. There is no entrance charge to the falls, and the house closest to it has a wall painted: Parking Area for Bolinao Falls, though that wasn't really necessary as very few go to this place and you can literally park's a forest. There are no toilets and, that should  be a clue..dump everything that has to be dumped beforehand.
6:09 PM         left Bolinao Falls
6:37 PM   317.9 Quezon Road (highway)    
7:31 PM   361.9 SUAL Public Market   scout for Shrimp Pastes and anything else. We got mangoes
8:00 PM         left SUAL PUBLIC MARKET. There were a number of huts just right after SUAL Market that sells your pasalubong. A lot of Watermelon vendors on the way to tarlac too.
11:32 PM   456.7 Shell Station (front of Jehovah's witness), Tarlac   coffee and Balut (don't buy here, it's P13, and the duck fetus is quite huge..i mean huge. And, the egg is in El Nino mode). From the roadside vendors, you can get Crab Pastes along the way.
2:35 AM   534.8 Julie's Place, Friendship, Angeles City   Final Drop. Everybody Else has been dropped at their respective homes by this time
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this is the drop off point for the…
this is the drop off point for th…
thats what you get. its free ent…
that's what you get. it's free en…
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Very Hospitable and Higly negotiable Owner...Beeboi Odero contact 09204526157
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