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We stood in line at the Air China line for a couple of hours until they opened.  We weren't lonely, there were a bunch of other people.  We spotted quite a few people with 'friendly plantet' luggage tags and that meant they would be with us for the first 10 days of our trip.  Everyone was happy and excited and we stood and chatted.... 

Finally we got onto the plane.  David and I got an exit row seat and Valerie was a few seats behind us with a window seat.  The lady that got the exit row seat next to us pretended to not speak english when we spoke to her but we knew she was fluent as she was about 10 people behind us in the line and was talking to people....  She was actually a bit annoying to sit next to as she kept hitting me with her elbows as she adjusted her pillows and she kept her legs out and at an angle so I had to keep my legs tucked or get into her territory.  We enjoyed the stewardess' and the flight dispite her....

Our flight landed in Beijing then 2 hours later we reboarded for the final leg to Shanghai.  At the Shanghai airport we were met by the Friendly Planet guide, Lucy who gave us billed hats with the friendly planet logo.  David, Valerie and I had carried luggage on so we didn't have to collect it.  We took the tour bus to the hotel and went to our rooms.  It was pretty early in the day still.  We walked to the Yu Garden.  We really enjoyed it....  The garden was surprisingly not crowded although it was quite busy outside of their gates.  The local guide John moved right along.... really too much so.  We still took pictures and tried to not miss things as we walked.   He briefly told the history of the gardens.  It had a very small entrance and it would be easy to under estimate the size from outside.     

TravChef says:
Hope next trip you will find the nice neighbor on board.
Posted on: Jul 28, 2011
soonthiam says:
This must be the ultimate signboard travel guide to BTW, are you in the signboard business? lol
Posted on: Feb 18, 2011
Deats says:
Oooh, the long awaited blog!?!?
Posted on: Dec 28, 2010
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