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Leaving Surfers Paradise on Tuesday, 27 April, for Nimbin and I'll probably have to pass through Byron Bay. There seems to be a lot of methods to get to Byron and a few to get out to Nimbin from there. But nothing to take me from Surfers to Nimbin direct. I'm still in the midst of looking for a caravan to rent, but I'm doubtful that will happen; at least at this point. It would make the journey to Nimbin simple, but it would complicate things while I'm there because my campsite is for tents only. And parking can be a tragedy, or so I've been told by several people already.

If I can get all of my class work done prior to Monday, I can leave out early and spend a few days in Byron - I've heard I'll never want to leave. I've read a bit about the place and there is a lot to do there. From diving and snorkling, to hiking along the cliffs and in the rain forests, sea kayaking and hanggliding, and all in addition to miles of pristine white sand beaches and coral ashoals, surrounding by crystaline blue-green waters. So yeah, plenty to keep me busy and distracted. I think a couple of days there would be nice before being lost in Nimbin for three-four days. And I can always come back to Byron, right?

As I mentioned, Nimbin will be the decision maker on where I go next. I've only had a rough plan of where I want to go and I'm still working toward that, but if I meet people along the way or hear about a place, I may just go along with it and see where I end up. However, I must say that I'm really enjoying having my own space and just being on my own. There's a certain appeal and freedom that I associate with it, like there aren't any barriers and obstacles in the way. Now that I've been here on the Isle of Capri for a few weeks, I've learned a few other things that I mistook before. Namely, I enjoy being "settled". And by that I mean, I enjoy having a place to unpack my stuff and I can have coffee when I wake up and not have to get dressed and go out to get one, and I enjoy being away from the hostel-social atmosphere and I don't have to deal with people snoring or coming in all drunk off their ass at 530am. Staying stationary, like having a flat or a room-share, allows me to get a small routine going; in that, I can manage my time more efficiently because I'm having less to do and less to think about. Thus I can concentrate on school and whatever else.

I say all of this because part of the allure of traveling and backpacking around was, for me, the appeal. To have that freedom and ability to do whatever and whenever was something I greedily wanted. Now that I have it, I find myself almost missing having my old routine, or certain aspects of my old routine, I should say. Anyway, I'm learning new things and changing others to learn to adapt to my new freedoms. It's definitely an experience, because I think the class that I'm in right now will be my first 'B' since I started school again.  


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