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We landed in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport around 7:30 am.  I wasn't particularly tired because I had stayed up the entire night beforehand and slept on the plane.  After landing, we found our bus, met our medic / guard, and got going. 

We had our first "Momo" session.  Momo is the president of Oranim and has a very specific view of the goals of Oranim.  He wanted to instill in us the importance of Irsael, the importance of love, and the importance of carrying on the Jewish family by marrying Jewish and raising your children Jewish.  It was actually a moving speech, even if it was a bit of indoctrination.

We took a trip through the Old City of Jerusalem.  Incredibly beautiful, we started at the citadel and the tower of David.  Some sort of performance was going on there, so the interior was decorated and there were chairs everywhere.  We saw old stones used by the Turks during the siege and even got to walk along the walls of the Old City.  From there, we could see the famous gold dome.

Visiting the Kotel (Western Wall) was also remarkable.  Thousands upon thousands of notes were stuffed into every crevase, nook, and cranny.  There were hundreds of people there paying their respects, although as a non-religious Jew I found the rocking that is traditionally done with the praying to be a little strange.  Even at the wall there were people asking us for money.
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Tel Aviv
photo by: JulieFrenchi