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Pulitzer winning photo
The Newseum is Washington DC's newest museum, and bills itself as the world's most interactive museum.  It features seven levels of galleries, and theaters, offering a unique environment that takes the museumgoer behind the scenes to really experience how and why news is made.
The featured exhibits currently are, "Athlete:  The Sports Illustrated Photography of Walter Iooss", Elvis at the Newseum, and the Pulitzer Prize Photographs.  The Newseum has 250,000 square feet of news, and is one of the most enjoyable of all the museums here in the DC area.
Just to highlight some of the things we saw:
Ted Kazinsky (The Unabomber) cabin
North Tower of the World Trade Center
Tim Russert's desk
Door from the Watergate Apartment
Edward R.
The Waco story
Murrow Story
(BTW, do you know his middle name?)  answer below
First Amendment Gallery
Five Freedoms Walkway
Big Screen Theater
Interactive Newsroom
Great Books
Early News
Digital News

We took a cursory look at everything with a 55 minute guided tour.  When we return someday, it will probably take a day to go through the more interesting artifacts.  I have only scratched the surface of the Newseum's offerings.
Murrow's middle name was Roscoe.  It turns out that his artifacts were purchased via ebay.  The seller asked all the bidder's for the middle name.  Most people guessed.  The Newseum's curator was honest, and said he did not know.  He was selected as the winner of the auction!!
Coincidentally, the view of the Capitol Building from the Newseum is THE BEST anywhere in DC.  It also has great views of the National Gallery, and the National Archives.  You must go!  By the way, do you know how the word "news" originated?  It is from the four points of the compass, North, East, West, South.  Even our guide did not know that! 

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Pulitzer winning photo
Pulitzer winning photo
The Waco story
The Waco story
The Unabombers cabin
The Unabomber's cabin
Elvis cape
Elvis' cape
Flag pole from North Tower of Worl…
Flag pole from North Tower of Wor…
Door to the famous Watergate apart…
Door to the famous Watergate apar…
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