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Going back to Tokyo, another train
I arrived to Tokyo at 5.10pm as expected. At Tokyo Station I quickly switched the trains for Narita Express and arrived at 6.25pm at the airport.

It was already time for checking-in for my flight and I  joined the queue. There were plenty of counters opened and I managed to get to some Japanese officer guy. I think he was an apprentice or in training and he made some mistakes in allocating a seat for me... He had to call his supervisor to issue me a new boarding pass. After some time I got really hot and just wanted to finish it already but nothing I could do. After awhile they finally corrected his mistake and gave me my ticket.

I walked through some shops but didn't find anything I wanted to buy so I headed to customs and then to my gate. I walked through some tax free shops and bought another box of my mom's favourite seaweed chips and also bought a largest kid's size souvenir kimono. It was much cheaper than for grown-ups. I'm sort of thumbelina's size so I just went for it =) I also bought a small colorful bag for bits and pieces.

I had to wait for my flight sitting on the floor because all of the seats were taken. We had a bit of delay because some people forgot lighters in their luggage and were called for re-packaging... 

After that we boarded the plane and I found out that my seat was in Exit Row... Oh gosh, how I hate those seats! Since I'm short I had to ask other people to put my bag up as I couldn't leave it under front seat - no such thing for that bloody Exit Row. Two seats next to me were empty but in Exit Row you can't put up those handles between the seats. It's useless - you can't lay down the seats even if they are empty. It made me more upset. I had no choice but to ask an old guy across the isle to take out my bag from the top compartment because I needed to get some snacks and warm clothes and he clearly was unhappy with jumping up and down (I was expecting that though). The guy behind me was sleeping (or trying to) so I couldn't ask him for a change. I decided to leave my bag on the seat next to me and if flight attendants ask me to put it up I'll just leave it up to them... So that's how my flight back home started.

LostInSpace2010 says:
ha ha =) it is tad bit small, I can still wear it but it looks kinda funny on me, but I love the colors and cherry blossoms on them - that reminds me of the blissful time in Japan! It perfectly fits my 8yo nephews who fought for it (I didn't tell them it's a girls version =)) so when they come to visit they always play in it =)
Posted on: Aug 08, 2010
alyssa_ob says:
Sooo....did the kimono fit?
Posted on: Aug 03, 2010
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Going back to Tokyo, another train
Going back to Tokyo, another train
photo by: maka77