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Day 1, Friday

This is the first time I went climbing outside on actual rocks, climbing indoors and on climbing walls is fun but I figured I can't say I climb untill I've done it outside. So I signed up for a "introduction weekend" with the Nijsac: Nijmegen studenten alpine club. We were leaving friday the 16th of april and would get back sunday evening.
At 18.00 we were supposed to gather in front of the sportcentre, so me being me I was there at 17.45 and ofc no one was there. Around 18.00 slowly everyone arrived and with lots of noise our food arrived in a shopping cart brought by Dion, one of the instructors for the weekend.

Around 19.00 everyone was there, 3 instructors (Steven, Dion and Marijke)and 6 people who signed up for the weekend: Mylou, Bram, Tjerk, Marielle, Steffie and me. So after packing everything into a small bus, we took off to Montherme. The trip went well, except we passed one village probably 4 or 5 times before we figured out a big red truck was standing in front of the signs into the right direction: thnx, Belgians... and we actually arrived before midnight at our camping.

We put up the tents as fast as we could in the dark and went to sleep, probably one of the worst nights of my life! It appears you really need a good sleepingbag if you want to sleep in a tent at 2C. Even wearing a tanktop, 2 longsleeves, a sweater, a scarf, 2 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of socks couldnt keep me warm and well, sleeping wasn't fun!
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photo by: Chislev