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i Have just come home from a trippe not like all the otheres I have done but may be one as it will be in the future?

I did start my holiday on friday the 9 of april going with a fly to oslo-rygge aireport who has a lot of flyes with ryanair around the world and to norway.
well they just have to dayli enter bergen and rygge, this is the nerest airport if you going to halden or moss.
I had told my firend that I will come at 9am this morning and there it was. in the eirport suddenly they told us the plain was concellert because of fugg. so we have to get tickets to gardemoen instead and than buss to rygge or where you were going. I call my friend and she said there was a airport expressbus going throw "østlandet" ( the area around oslo and up to the sweden border)and it goes to Fredrikstad where she could pick me up.
so I ocme to halden in 5pm in the afternoon instead.
this going around gardemoen when you shall to rygges is commun some days.

saturday in haden we went for shopping in town.halden center is not big but they have some malles.
and a nice cafe in a old stille from the 18th centery. with old kings picture and a nice ols lape in the roff and piano. will write a blog about it later and name it. to not remeber the name now.
was a nice day with sun and nice in this smal town.
in the evening my and my friend went out on town to a place could. Kings brige (kungens brygge) they did have some live music with good old singalong songs.and there was nice. my friend told me it was even nicer in sumertime.
there was just some vered local people.

sunday we went to Norby, going to "boarder shopping" as we say in norway.Norby is just a big mall in nobadys land just over the border to sweden, but it is like being on taxe free shopping for us from norway. big packets of candies and a lot of big stores og everything.
after we went to Sponevika where my frindes mother has a house by the fjord,looking over to sweden. it was so nice there in the sun on the balkony.

monday I moved on to oslo. did my first day going up to ekebergsletta which is a nice walking area. in somemr there are "norway cup " here, football for young people from all over the world.
it was so nice weather.
after I got to my host from couchsurfing who lived a beat outside oslo center. had a nice evening and some food.

tuesday still no notis of the vulcano ash and did go first to the "sporveismuseet" but they for some reacen was closed. so went to the "nobel peace price center museum" which is pretty new. I was there for over 2 hours. but than my interest for alfred nobel and obama, who this year has his exibition here, is BIG. did one write a easy baout nobel and have always wounder why they all so old and have done so much in there life before they get his price.
like in his last will it says: "this price shall go to some one young in his beginning of his work, any one coming up to give him money to keep on his work."
than it is intersting exibition. I my self at 10 december 2009 didn`t have much time to see the price cermony and stuff so maybe that also why I did say there so long.

after that I did go up to a small travelstore that I got recomended by my oslo host. there I did buy some books for my coming trippes.
and than went done by the castle to wergwlands gaten with "konstnerenes hus" and "litterary house" and some nice cafe where I ended.
in the sun on this cafe I did meet a friend of me and was there for a wail.
we went for a walk around the "kvadraturen" not fare a way from the fortress and than up to oslo s where I should meet an othere friend. he showed me the youngster squer and told me about soem tv program maid in a house there and that al the political stuff in oslo is around there, butnot "stortinget".
we went to a italien resturang dont remember the name and had some food. think I was to tired after all walking to notice the name.
after we went to carl johan street and some beer on scootsman. close to a nice resturant "3 brødre".
got on the night train later on for going to trondheim.

in the train still not knowing anything about the ashes and whats coming up.

coem home to my childhood town østersund in the middel of the day by a new train from trondheim.
Østersund is a small town and compering to bergen, trondheim and oslo is a beat of stone age in may ways. like they in saturdays just have open big supermarcets and pubs after 6pm. and offcurse MC donalds. they do not have any 7eleven or places like that who is open all the time.
on the friday I did meet a friend in town and there are like to nice places to go for lunsj.(I think)
the tacemex place in the coner of kyrkgaten/samuelpermans gaten eller "tingshuset" a beat fader up in samuelpermansgaten, in coner of rådhusgaten.

the first texmex place has a nice texmexbuffe in nice price. and is a place for everybody.
maybe that cafe tingshuset has a nor young feeling for younger people or "behomes", gothe people and black people. more like a studens has like Kvarteret in bergen or something.
nice menu with sandwiches and sallad.

saturday I did for the first time hear about the vulcno and the stopp of flyes. I thought it was no problem there will be bus trondheim-bergen instad. but my father did stared if not, if not, what shall you do, can you boook the bus. I say I couldn`t on internet. it was to close to the day.
so my father in someway shared me up and I got like if not if not...and stared see if any couchsurfer in trondheim had some help and got to know about this carpool they have on internet in orway om www.vg.no eaching for raid/haik. so got in touch with someone going trondheim-bergen sunday but it turned up to he got sick on the night between, so did go to norway/tronheim with out knowing if I got place on the bus. tryed to call some friends and had in case got a last minut couch in trondheim and a ticket for monday to oslo with ticket bergen on tuesday, by train.
at last I did talk to my friend in oslo so I did get to know that the bus has garenti place for everone wanted one and that if not I could stay with here the next night.

well all my time home I didn`t have a s fun as I hoped before the trippe because of my worrieds for my home trippe.
I was friday with my family on teather to see "riksteateren" with a play called "liket som viste for mycket" " the deadbody who did know to much". it was so nice and funny and even had soem nice lookin acters in it.
but I couldn`t get my minds of the trippe back.

on saturday we went on the resturant "en liten rød" it is one of the towns oldest resturantes and it is famouse for it`s good "fondy". it is meat you dipp in to some hote bolly and have soas on. this place is not the most easy to find if you not know about it. my hoem town to also have this japaniess resturant "mikado" bit it is famouse all over.
you have to order before in bouth places but the last one has a list of waiting.

so at last I got to trondheim and had to wait 8 hours for geting on the bus, and they did have place.

some good things to know about norway is that train bought 90days before living is cheapest 199nok one way.
than there are soem good busses but they are expensive like: 550 trondheim-bergen or de same for front and back stavanger. but some are chepaer if you buy before on internet.

some names to gogel on:

norway-buss ekspress (busses all around the country) soem places you just can get to with buss ore care like hardanger and song og fjordane.
lavpris ekspressen goes from trondheim and more south but not in bergen. more nad more expencive as close to you travel day, from 49 nok.

and there are also several othere busses and companyes going around. but not cheap. like this buss from gardemoen to rygge and fredrikstad and around, airportexpress....gardemoen-fredrikstad 260 nok.

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