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So far my 6 months of sea service have seen me visit the following places:

Costa Rica
Ivory Coast

Costa Rica is a must to visit folks.  Went to Moin and Limon and fantastic places.  Ended up just sat in bars just chatting with the locals and they're all pretty accommodating folk (once you've bought them a drink of course).

Africa is a fascinating place.  It really hits home some of the poverty when people just ask you for anything.  Without trying to sound too right wing for anyone's views Africa will never flourish despite all the trade and things like that because those in power just abuse it.  I watched pedlars who were making 20 or 30 dollars out of selling stuff to people like us on the ships sacrifice half of that to the military types who were swanning about not really doing that much.

Saying that though it was good to do it the way I did it.  I didn't go touristy reserves or anything like that.  I was blatting round Abidjan and Douala fearing for my life with the effervescent driving styles of the locals. 

It felt pretty safe there too.  Not to the stage where you should wander about alone totally aloof to things but at the same time stories about kidnapping UK nationals etc doesn't come to fruition either.

There you go anyway.  Hopefully I'm getting a job on a cruise ship so any other blogs will become more touristy since I'll be visiting "nicer" places.

Photos to be uploaded soon.
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photo by: spocklogic