4D 3N Trip to Majestic Coron in Palawan Philippines

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4D 3N Trip to Coron Palawan!

They say pictures speak a thousand words, be that as it may i can come up with only (for now at least) four words to describe the place:


It's 'freak' of nature at it's finest!

Our first day - right after we landed - we climber Mt. Tapias. Tapias, in the local dialect, means to cut the upper most part, the mountain which was originally cone shaped was chopped off and on top of it was a cross - a violation of the antiestablishment clause if you ask me - and right below is a spectacular view of the calamianes islands. Nevermind that we just landed, didn't have a proper lunch, and I just jogged about 6kms in the morning, every ache and pain brought by the steep 750 steps was well worth the sight! It was a bonus too that by the time we got there it was already late afternoon and the suns wonderful glow made our skin look fabulous! After the hiking, we did the Maquinit, hot in the Tagbanua dialect, hot springs and off went the tired muscles. Only to haunt us the next day...

Day 2 was the Calamianes island tour. EVERY THING was white sand! And everything - i know redundancy is a crime but pardon me please - was just MAJESTIC. The kayangan lake which is just mythical, and the oh-so-spectacular view from the top. Nevermind again that we had to hike (up, down,up,down) like 100 steps -- the view and the swimming in the freshwater lake was sooo worth it! Oh yeah, and this is the day too where for a few minutes I forgot my tired legs as I was almost dragged below the boat by the strong current at siete pecados.

Sites for Day 2 were: Siiete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Banul Beach, Skeleton wreck, and Twin Lagoon.

Day 3: Reefs and Wreck
By this time we're already feeling a bit like wrecks after the rigorous activity of the past two days, but I suppose when everything around you is just sooo beautiful you just have to muster the energy to do EVERYTHING that you can possibly do to maximize the experience. Our guide for the day is Ferdinand (nickname Ferdz), who also doubled as the cook in-boat, and our lifesaver for getting one of the guides to tie a rope in one of the wreck to keep us from joining one of sunken ships' japanese crew from WWII!

Day4: Finally got to sleep past 7am! Time to pack...and swear to come back and do it AGAIN.

For tips, and more detailed questions msg me.

estvanguardia says:
it does! it's not a relaxing vacation, but it sure was super fun. :)
Posted on: May 10, 2010
spurner says:
Wow it sure sounds like you packed a lot of activities into your time there! Cool pics too.
Posted on: May 09, 2010
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