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Whenever you go somewhere else, definitely you hope that locals would give you some tips. But because they are not tourists, it's really difficult for them to give you tips that you want. For examples, I'm a Singaporean, and I know that there are places that can rip you off your wallet and things that a Singaporean will not spend on, but as a tourist, you may want to spend these things! Talking about that, maybe I should have a list of tips for Singapore Travelling that maybe those tourist guides you bought do not have! :) Stay tune!

I went to Taipei twice, and I really enjoyed both trips. The first time I went there was with my best friend, and second time I went there... was an unforgettable experience in my life. So what I've learnt is from these two trips are (it's subject to... individual, not everyone)

  1. Book your flight early, if you want to avoid high prices of tickets. I don't know, for me, I booked my flight around 3 to 4 months earlier and it's so cheap. The first time I went there, I booked Jetstar, it's around 700SGD per pax! and, it's a budget airline! The second time round, I went there in Malaysian Airline, with inflight entertainment and meals plus travel insurance it's not even exceeding 450SGD! But we made a pitstop at KL international Airport. It's still worth it, except for the travelling time. We took our flight at 6am in the morning, and reached Tao Yuan airport at around 3pm to 4pm in the afternoon.
  2. Travel during cool weather; around End of November to End of December. For me, I prefer visiting countries during the autumn and winter period, because it's all year summer in Singapore. I'm sick and tired of going sightseeing while sweating like a pig! I spend most of my time walking instead of wasting the money to take cab because first, I can lose weight, and second, you can see so much!
  3. Rent an apartment, instead of booking a hotel. This is subject to your preference. I am more independent and able to adapt to new environment real fast. The first time I went there, we booked hotel. The second time, I chose to rent an apartment. It feels like home! :) Although there are no room service and breakfast provided, but it's a great experience to be able to feel that you're part of Taiwan. Of course, do check with the landlady or landlord the price (it's mostly wayyyyyy cheaper than hotel, of course). AND! To my knowledge, most of the apartments provided free wireless. So bring along your laptop (I know I did and will do!). Well, no harm in booking hotel if you want. It's just a suggestion~ (^^)
  4. Buy Chinese version Tourist Guide. Ok, for those who aren't Chinese. It's real disadvantage, I understand. But if you're from Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia and China, and those who can read and understand Chinese. It's good to buy tourist guide book in Chinese. They give a lot of information that English ones will not provide! Since Taiwan is a chinese country, bring along a Chinese friend... (If you want, find me too! I would love to visit it again and I am pretty familiarise with the place already!)
  5. Travel light. Don't bring too much stuffs there, there are lots of places to shop and buy. You can buy fashionable apparels over there. so why sweat? Bring back lots of things, alright? haha... Some of the stuffs over there might be as same price as the stuffs you have back in your country, but hey, you're enjoying yourself. So why restrict yourself? Enjoy yourself by shopping!!
  6. Travel with 3 to 4 friends including yourself. I have no idea why some people likes to travel in a real big group, no offense, but... any number of groups exceeding 4, it's too crowded. Think of how you are going to share a cab, how do you choose seats on the plane, how about the wake-up time in the morning, the different places you or your friends wanna go, and etc. My parents and my younger sister went HK with another family, it's a bad idea because some of them likes to sleep late, and some of them wanna go out earlier. Things like the other family went to HK Disneyland before, but mine hasn't. What a dilemma.
  7. Bring passport wherever you go. But of course, don't lose it. Because if you, like us, intend to visit the local club. Make sure you bring your passport, just in case the police came for a visit! (That's what happened to me the second time I went, but... we were smart enough to bring ours, so they let us off. 'Cept for this Japanese guy tourist, he got drunk and almost picked a fight with the police! How... entertaining.)
  8. Buy Taipei Metro pass. The one that can top up. Because you can use it to gain entry to lots of places, like Taipei Zoo, boat trips to Fishermen's Wharf, and I can't remember where else. Hahaha... sorry about that. If you're a Singaporean, you know EZLink card? It's the same, except it's more useful than EZLink card. Lol!
  9. Visit their night markets and street-side stores. Don't worry about hygiene and all, because these are real fine Taiwanese delicacies! Why spend your money in restaurants?? that's unnecessary! It's good to spend your money in real food. It's a must to try their Fried Oyster Omelette! I am a vegetarian, but I do not despise meat eater. But! Vegetarians don't be disappointed, there are vegetarian stores around Taiwan, it's much more convenient! (Awww, how I missed the vegetarian riceball in Taipei!)
  10. Visit Taipei and Kaohsiung. Besides being the capital of Taiwan, it is more accessible than Tainan and Tai chung. Taipei has Metro and so do Kaohsiung. We thought of dropping by Taichung, but we find out that their Metro is still in construction. It's a little bit hard to travel without stations. :p (if you are adventurous, of course you're welcome to visit the rest of the parts of Taiwan!)

If you think, "duh! I've already know.". Then, yeah. This article ain't for you. Just want to share some suggestions to fellow travellers who loves Taipei, or you're planning to go there. And if you want some detail ones, you can message me. I'll be glad to share anything I know. And if you have more awesome tips than me, don't hesitate to share with me! Also, if there's anything wrong or what I've missed out, please point it out to me. Just to let you know I'm a normal person, a travel-lover and a budget person. I'm not some travel journalist or something.

P.S. Pardon my language, English and grammar mistakes.

carolinz says:
Haha, thanks, Chris... that one big food center might be Shi Lin Night Market :)
Posted on: Apr 23, 2012
Kurisu says:
Thanks for posting those great tips! :-)
I was really lucky to travel to Taipei with my chinese TB friend from HK. We had big fun, and btw we did have (my favorite) Oyster Omelette at that one big food center which name I don't recall...
Posted on: Oct 01, 2010
chang0607 says:
Great Tips. Next time you vist Taiwan you should also go to the Eastern parts of Taiwan (Hua-Lian, Tai-Dong, Yi-Lan, etc.) and Ping-Dong (south part), which preseved the prettiest nature sights. And, 基隆廟口夜市 is a must-see if you love the night markets!
Posted on: May 31, 2010
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