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Touch down on the land of Taipei at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport around 5.40pm. And it's already dark...

Okay, I gotta say that this entry is a little bit 1 year and 4 months too late to post. But this trip was my most memorable one, and I can still imagine myself back in 2008; my first trip to Taipei with my best pal, Anting.

We have been planning to go for an overseas trip together and our first choice was Japan. However, it was over our budget so we decided to go to Taipei. We purchased the air tickets and hotel accomodations a little bit too rush; it was around 2 months before the trip and everything was kind of getting more and more expensive. But my Taipei trip in 2009 was more... cheaper, because I got smarter. That was another story which I intended not to talk about it.

Took off high up in the air, on our way to Taiwan.

Our parents sent us off that afternoon, taking the budget airline, Jetstar, to Taipei. Anting's parents were more anxious than mine because it was her first time going overseas without "parent guidance" hahaha... We spent that 5 hours of flight watching movies using our PSP (imagine that because it's a budget airline, there were no inflight entertainment. AT ALL. That was why I chose Malaysian Airlines the 2nd time I went there and cheaper too!)

Because it was our first time there, we were very amused by the dark sky when we landed on Taipei Taoyuan International Airport at approximately 5.40pm (It's bright daylight in Singapore). We took a bus straight to Taipei City and took a cab to our hotel, Empress Hotel. By the time we checked into our hotel, it's already evening around 7pm, and we decided to go to the nearest attraction, Shilin Night Market.

The well-known night market in Taipei city.

Shilin Night Market: Situated just outside Jiantan Station, the bright lights and noises with lots of big crowd surrounding the whole area. Because it's a night market, once the sun set, locals and tourists would definitely drop by. Famous for the local delicacies like Fried Oyster Omelette, Fried Chicken Cullet and of course Frog-laid-eggs (a drink). Weird name, huh? But it's wonderful! Because I am a vegetarian, and my friend is not, we seperated our orders but she was kind to choose some dishes without meat (gotta love this girl! :P).

After filling our stomach with delicious fried omelette, we started our shopping spree; lots of stores sell clothes and sneakers. You can see that even though they are different stores, they are selling the same stuffs; so, it's real competitions in there.

The streets of Shilin Night Market
I bought a scarf for around 250Taiwan dollars, quite cheap and the materials is acceptable.

The Game store! Hell! We can't find these in Singapore! The closest gun that I come close to are arcardes and Left 4 Dead! And I am using mouse to shoot, not the real gun. Although it's not the real bullets, but the guns look real! The game stores were fun and much more varieties. My paradise; the Pet Kingdom. I always have soft spots for cats, and when I saw all the cute kittens in the pet kingdom. It took all of my strength to not buy one just because it was too adorable.

We spent most of our time in the night market until we were exhausted by the flight and walk. And finally return to our hotel around 11pm.

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Congrats on your feature blog!
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Congrats on the feature!
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Congrats on today's feature. So happy for you!
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Touch down on the land of Taipei …
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Took off high up in the air, on o…
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