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crammed into the camion
The next morning, much delayed by the slow arrival of three more volunteers whose loutish behavior would keep us all entertained to infuriated to varying degrees for the next few weeks, we boarded what I have since come to (lovingly) think of as the Auschwitz express.
The large truck had been stripped of any interior fittings (I think, because later I saw trucks that looked identical on the exterior, but had benches on the inside) and consisted of a wooden bed covered by a dark tarpaulin tied to a rickety wood-and-metal frame. Into this were piled the bag packs and dive equipment of some 18 volunteers plus the odds-and-ends belonging to 3 members of staff and some food and other supplies (such as 6 large planks) to go to Andavadoaka... When all was in and tied down, 21 of us clambered onto the remaining two thirds of the truck’s bed. With us we brought more small bags, water and food. It was crowded! Somehow we all managed to arrange ourselves, some�"like Arnaud-preferring to stand, and off we went. After a few hours, the road deteriorated to a mere sand track, although the word ‘track’ conveys a flatness that might be misleading. Travel speed was reduced to about 6km/h (that’s about 4m/h). I slept most of the time but every now and then a kink in my neck or particularly bad bump in the road or crunch of a branch crashing through the tarpaulin woke me. Then I would stand up for a while stretching my legs and peering through a tiny gap in the tarp into a dusty unknown…

Kichen says:
Hi Tania, Reminds me a lot of New Jersey Transit, without the surly conductors, rude yuppies and obnoxious "masters of the universe." Enjoy the trip! SK
Posted on: Sep 12, 2007
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crammed into the camion
crammed into the camion
photo by: philippe84