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Our stop in Tin Can Bay.
So we left Tin Can Bay and just headed north, and seeing as how it was early morning we knew we'd be able to get a good distance that day. So we drove and drove and drove. We had a little drive down memory lane when we passed through Maryborough, stopping to check out the markets that I had so many memories of from eisteddfod days. Showing Dan the hall where we used to perform, and the water fountain that we'd take photos by and hang around when we weren't performing. Then heading on, we were determined to get to Rockhampton that day. Which from Tin Can Bay is about 600km away.
The fountain in Maryborough
Six hours of driving. Well bit more in the van. :) And so we drove and drove and drove with stops every now and then, until finally at about 11:30pm we hit Rockhampton, both very exhausted and ready to stop for the night. So we thought we'd stop at this rest stop described in the Maps 4 book. It sounded great, a nice sheltered rest stop next to a lake, off the road a bit so it wouldn't have all the noise of the road trains and big trucks going through Rockie. Unfortunately instead of finding this oasis, we find Serial Killer Heaven! Once we could actually find the rest stop that is! The road was not actually signed properly, it took us driving past it about 5 times to actually find the road,then we drove and drove and drove and signs of life gradually faded away until we were literally on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. As the side of the road lights started disappearing more until there was barely one every 100m we knew this didn't seem right.
And then I spotted it. This old dingy van parked under this big old droopy tree, on a little dirt driveway off to the side of the road. There were no lights, no toilets, no picnic tables, there was barely even enough room for us if we parked in behind the other van. And so the chills started to crawl up the spine as we sat in the still running van staring at this "rest area" with absolutely no signs of life around it. No lake as described, didn't even look like anyone was actually in the van parked under the tree. So as anyone does in that situation we hightailed it out of there, as fast as the van would take us we were gone!!! No more serial killer rest stop for us!!!! Instead we found a nice cozy dark spot next to a bus depot just off the main road. :P Didn't pop the top on the van, just made up the bed jumped in and slept till 5:30am when we jumped straight back into the front and drove off towards Mackay, absolutely knackered but ready to get out of Rockie even though we'd only spent a couple of hours there. So onward we swept towards our fantasy of a isolated beach national park, where we could spend the next week perfectly alone and enjoying nature.
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Our stop in Tin Can Bay.
Our stop in Tin Can Bay.
The fountain in Maryborough
The fountain in Maryborough
One of the beautiful old figs in M…
One of the beautiful old figs in …
A wicked van pattern that we might…
A wicked van pattern that we migh…
A restaurant with some random GIAN…
A restaurant with some random GIA…
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