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Dan's dolphin feeding.

So after working at the GR8 packing shed for about three weeks, and Dan being lucky enough to get a job there for the last week of it, it was time to pack up and move on. Good-bye to all the mates we'd made in Gayndah (although admittedly we were pretty much the only ones left) and off too see something new. As we had time and it was kind of on the way I suggested to Dan that we go to Tin Can Bay and do the wild dolphin feeding. Get to see the beach, feed some dolphins, relax. We couldn't miss. Or so i thought. See I've never actually been to Tin Can Bay so didn't realise that not only is it very expensive, they are very anti-backpacker.

Not in a mean way, just in a we don't want you spoiling our view way. See Tin Can Bay is a rather rich town. Everything is quite expensive (i.e breakfast cost us about $45 dollars), and while it is pretty, every single park you stop at has a "No Camping, No overnight stays, No Hippy Backpackers Please!" sign everywhere. And they mean it too if you get caught staying overnight, they fine you! Like $500 bucks! Well we definitely couldn't afford that, so we found a place, that was really only a day stop but it was all we had, that was about 10-15 mins out of town and decided to stop there for the night with the plans of dolphin feeding in the morning. It was actually a nice stop, with big trees surrounding us, only two problems. Main road/highway was right at the front of it, so kinda noisy most of the night, and there was no toilet.
Luckily I am a woman of the bush :P and was not afraid to go an find a tree or bush for use. The other trick though, was there was another road running up the side of the stop so you had to keep an eye on both roads to make sure that the cars lights wouldn't illuminate you while you were "busy".

So next morning we headed back into town at what we thought was actually a reasonably early time, the feeding only started at 8 and we were heading in at like 8:20. By the time we got to the boat ramp where you feed them though it was so full we had to park on the far side of the carpark. and they were finishing the feeding in about 10 mins. See with this feeding they had recently put all these new rules, you weren't allowed to touch the dolphin, you weren't allowed to enter the water without the permission of one of the volunteers who runs the feeding, and you could only feed the dolphins one fish, and not each it was 1 person/1 fish.

The reason for this was because apparently before this the dolphins were getting overfed so they were only allowed a certain allotment of fish a day now. And we had only just arrived in time for Dan to feed them while I took photos. And it cost 5 bucks for that one small fish. So the whole minute that dan was in the water, was great, but a bit of a let down. Ahhhh well, it was worth a shot. And also the first dolphin Dan had seen in the wild.

Anywho see the thing about being in Tin Can Bay too was I thought maybe we could go to Rainbow beach as well. Spend a night there before we moved on. But unfortunately we seem to have gotten there at a really bad time. As there was a really strong very cold wind blowing, and was starting to rain. So we decided instead of toughing through a cold rainy night at the beach, what was holding us back from just heading north to where it would be warm and sunny and beachy all the time. SO we left! Our next stop Mackay! Well sort of.....

dolphin_ferry_cruise says:
quite a harsh blog and most of it is not accurate , although the council has put up lots of NO CAMPING signs along the foreshore there are lots of areas of free camping where u can park your vans and stay with no one trying to Fine you or move you along ... $45 dollars for Breakfast ????? geez u must of eaten a couple of the huge super breaky's and a couple of Capachino , fact is u can go and get a lovely egg and bacon sandwhich and capachino for about $10 ,, as far as the rules of the dolphin feeding , it dosnt have nuffing to do with them getting fat ,, they were put into place to protect the dolphins could u imagine the mayhem with anything from 20 to 200 backpackers in the water at one time all trying to swim with or grab hold of the dolphins if these rules and volunteers were not in place ????? as far as the $5.00 for the opuntunity to feed a wild dolphin being EXPENSIVE ??? u have got to be kidding at sea world they charge like $180 ,, its not about the 1 or 2 little fishes u get in a bucket IT is about the unique chance to get into the water up to ur knees and interact with such a truely amazing and extremly rare DOLPHIN the INDO PACIFIC HUMPBACK if u ask me $5 is nothing for this experience .
Posted on: Feb 09, 2011
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Dans dolphin feeding.
Dan's dolphin feeding.
He seemed to enjoy it!
He seemed to enjoy it!
The beautiful wild dolphins
The beautiful wild dolphins
Yeah we werent sure why it said t…
Yeah we weren't sure why it said …
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