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Well now that all the bad things have happened, our drama for gayndah seems to have settled down. Which is good as I'm not sure if either of us could have handled anymore dramas. Things have turned around and seem to be running our way a bit now. Now after having been in gayndah for a little while I can actually appreciate some of it niceties. It does have beautiful landscapes. Long running plains, white fluffy clouds that seem to have come right out of drawings and paintings, that friendly country mentality where even if you don't know the person walking down the street you say hi. And my absolute favourite, the abundance of butterflies. That's right butterflies. It never really occured to me when we were setting out for her that the one thing butterflies love to lay there eggs in is mandarin trees. Its beautiful, there are so many different ones every where you look, there's a different sort. One of my friends said that he was told butterflies were lucky, well if they are, everyone in gayndah must be very lucky because they are everywhere you go.  And I guess its the appreciation of them that has turned our luck around.

So where I left off, I had had to stop work, because of my toe, and Dan was deciding to be tough and head back to the second farm by himself. And as it happens it was a great decision. He managed to get up to almost toe bins a day himself on the second day going. So the canadian is toughening up as he says. And I got to have a few days off, I went to see the doctor and got antibiotics for my toe, and actually got to just enjoy the beauty of gayndah and friends for a couple of days. And then good old Aunty Pat came thru. I`d told stacey that I wanted to change to packing work (where you work in a shed, sorting and packing the mandarins instead of picking them in the fields) as I just couldn`t see going back to ladder climbing with my toe, not for a few weeks anyway. But unfortunately she told me that there was absolutely no work at the moment. But she`d see what she could do. Luckily for me though, after two lovely days of relaxing, Pat came to tell me, that she`d gotten me a job!

The packing shed that she had worked at the last year was looking for two packers, and as her other job wasn`t giving her any hours at all, she was taking one of the jobs, and was offering me the other. Great!! So now we both had work, and my toe was on the way to mending, but things just got even better that day.

I had been calling around all morning, trying to find the part for the car. I had rung at least 9 different wreckers from Bundaberg down to Gympie, and had even resorted to ringing places in sydney and melbourne just to see if ANYONE had a nissan E20. But absolutely no luck, as I got told by every wrecker, nope sorry that model is to old, haven`t had one of them for years. ARRRGGGHHH impossible! But then fate happened along. I was so frustrated that I decided to go down to `The Village`as its called, (the place where all our mates are camped), and listen to Cary, Marty and Riley jam. On a seperate note, those three consisting of a guitar, a drum and a violin have just left yesterday to travel to Airlie Beach to work as a band on a ship that does day cruises around the islands. Pretty sweet if you can get it. So I went down to the village and was just griping to marty about my problem, when Cary having been listening in asked me what exactly the problem was. "Well this part broke on our car, and absolutely no one has the part and looks like they never will" I said, "And now I don't know what to do".
"What kind of car is it?" Cary said. "A '76' Nissan E20" I said, "But absolutely no one has one coz they're to old".
"Well as it happens, I have a '78' E20 sitting on my dads property at Nanango".
.....................................pause for effect.................................. ;)
Well my jaw literally dropped to the ground while Cary just sits there smiling at me. I couldn't believe it, after all that hassle, the part just happens to come along in the shape of our mate Cary. So Cary being the champ that he is, traveled down to Nanango about 3 days later, and took the part off the '78' and brought it back for us. And also told us that if we ever need any other parts as we're traveling around Oz, all we have to do is ring, and he'll get it to us somehow. What a Champion!!!

So it seems like luck has turned around for us. Although there was a slight hiccup as after 5 days of working at the Bryants farm, they have told Dan there's no more work for a week. But that's alright as we have the number for the first farm we worked at which is due to have its second pick any day now. Which means hopefully another couple of weeks work. And while he waits I still have my job at the packing shed, which is great. I have an awesome boss who's hilarious, I like the people i work with, I got shifted from packing to sorting on the second day I was working coz I'm fast and have a keen eye apparently, which is also great for me coz its much easier on the back. And its a monday to friday job, from 7 till 3:30 each day. Which means I still have my afternoons, a permanent job, even when its raining, and weekends free. It can't get much better than that.

So things have turned around for us in Butterfly Central, and we're both starting to enjoy this trip a little more like we were expecting. And in a couple of weeks we'll be heading off up north to see what Airlie, Innisfail and Cairns have to hold for us. Now this is more like what a roadtrip should be. :)
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photo by: cath_aymeric