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Rest Day
Money Spent: $33.35

Since Friday, a saddle sore that developed on the inside of my right leg over the course of the day's ride, in the groin, has abscessed and become relatively painful. It's hard to sit down at a certain angle. Luckily, I haven't had to ride since then, so it's had time to heal.

It prevented me from being able to go hiking today, Monday. I went to the first aid building and the doc had a look. She said the best thing is just to take some Aleve - to help reduce swelling - and perhaps do some swimming. So, I've opted to do that today instead of hiking to Black Lake, a beautiful 3 mile hike by all the councilor's opinions.

The good news is that I believe I know what I've done wrong. When I adjusted my seat higher in Boulder, I tilted the seat's angle up slightly. This, I noticed, put more pressure on the area where the sore developed. More good news: I have a month or so before I do any more long days on the bike. The abscess should be gone in the next few days, and I have time to research more reasons as to why this happened.

Another thing I've been thinking about for the coming month: sewing my own panniers, lighter than my hefty Arkels. Since one of the farm-campuses I will be working at is near Boulder, I think I will get in touch with Paul again, since he has sewn his own. He and Kristen seem like good folks to keep in touch with, in order to get more advice, help & route planning, and to have people to do day-rides with for fun.

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