Day 2 - Giants' Moguls

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Miles: 62.3
Departure from Platteville: 10:20 am
Arrival in Dyersville: 7:17 pm
Saddle/Total Time: 6:42:27/8:57
Average Speed: 9.2 mph
Wrong Turns: 4
Temperature: 94*F
Crashes: 0
Money Spent: $103.75

Today was not the "break" I had hoped for after yesterday's long day, despite going twenty miles fewer. There were, again, plenty of unpaved roads, loose gravel trails, wrong turns, and high humidity. The temperature read around 95*F all day on my bike computer. What made today as difficult as yesterday were the relentless hills. The Drift-less Zone of southwest Wisconsin, extending into northeast Iowa and Illinois, appear to be giants' moguls. Assuming Googlemaps took me over the fewest hills possible, I can only imagine what today would have been like using county road maps.

The wrong turns were somehow worse today, too. To figure how much side-tracking you will encounter, you take your total distance planned for and divide it by ten. Today had twice that amount of sidetracking in store for me. Maybe I will divide the planned distance by five from now on.

Wondered whether my Googlemaps directions were trying to help or kill me a few times today. Googlemaps is like Smeagol.

Stopped in East Dubuque, Illinois for lunch at Mid-Town Marina Restaurant right off the Mississippi. Afterwards, crossing over into the Iowa side of Dubuque involved a windy, skinny walkway alongside a highway-bridge. Cities seem smaller when you ride straight through them. My anticipation was for multi-lane avenues, tall buildings, and heavy traffic for miles on end. I spend less than forty-five minutes in the city, stopping at a Hy-Vee for Powerbars.

I was going to try and stay with a church this evening in Dyersville. When I arrived at 7:15 or so, the windows were dark and the parking lot empty. Nobody was there. I rode down the street to the public library and asked for a motel. Luckily, Dyersville is large enough to have a couple of them. I may have to modify my budget to include more of this in the future... it will be difficult to arrive early enough in the day for church-stays when I'm going 60+ miles/day average.

Dyersville was the shooting location for the movie Field of Dreams.

You know, I should be doing more as RAGBRAI'ers do; 35- to 40-mile days. And they don't carry 55 lbs in baggage, either. And they take a day off every five or six. This is day two of eighteen. I will learn it is better to do at least eighteen things differently throughout this leg of my tour. I figure you take your total days planned for, divide it by one, and that's how many significant things you will learn about bicycle-touring while out here.

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photo by: WalterC