Day 18 - Pole Hill

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Up in Pole Hill. -Estes Park, CO

Rest Day

And Biz had told me how "It always seems like we make plans to go camping, but it doesn't happen."

We - Biz, Courtney, Frenny, Tyler and I - drove down the mountain in a newer Chevy Malibu borrowed from Jenny to meet, hike and camp with Trey, Jenny, Zach and Eli in Fort Collins. In the car, I listen as the four of them talk about how much they either like or don't like other Y staffers, especially Tyler's roommate, Lance. Tyler tells us how he keeps catching him masturbating.

Once in Loveland, the four get in contact with us and bail. We decide to go back up to Estes Park and camp ourselves.

"The view" from a peak on Pole Hill. The town below is Estes Park. -Estes Park, CO
First, we go to a liquor store drive-thru, taking advantage of Colorado's lax drinking laws in comparison to Wisconsin's. At the window, the man doesn't even card everyone in the car. He asks only that the cardholder come to the window to take the alcohol his- or herself. There are five of us, crammed in there with camping gear. Two of us are underage.

In Colorado, you can buy any type of alcohol until 2 am.

On the way back up the mountain, we decide we might as well get a comp night in the hotel on Y grounds. I'm a bit dismayed, still wanting to go camping, even if nobody else does. When we get back to the Y, though, HR is no longer open, and we can't get the comp room approved. If we want to stay a night there, it will be $109.

We grab (steal) some food and cooking supplies from one of the rec-storage buildings and head across Estes Lake, up to Pole Hill.

The morning after camping, walking down to the car with Tyler. -Estes Park, CO
Tyler complains that his butt hurts and doesn't want to hike; he took a fall while hiking a week or two ago. "We'll carry you," says Frenny. We get a call from Trey/Jenny; they are going to camp at Pole Hill, too.

It's around 7 by the time we hike all the gear up from where we must stop the car. We pitch tents and get a fire going. I take a solo walk down a path near our campsite. I ask if there's anything back there. "Nothing exciting," says Tyler. He is, I soon discover, incorrect.

I hike down a valley, then turn right off-trail. I climb and hike up some steep rocks and fallen trees, making my way up 150-200 feet, passing a giant log teepee, before I come out on a peak. The view is incredible. It's panoramic, and overlooks Estes Park, miles ahead and below, across Estes Lake. The sun is setting, so I can't stay long, and everyone is yelling my name back at camp, worrying.

Biz and I drink PBRs, Frenny and Courtney a bottle of Arbor Mist, Tyler his Blue Moons - Trey, ever the beer elitist, ridiculing Tyler over it, claiming: "As a rule of thumb, we [Jenny and I] don't drink beer from any big company - and have breakfast food - eggs, hashbrowns and bacon. Trey roasts a steak on a stick over the fire. Eventually, Frenny makes a spit on which to slow roast the steak. Trey doesn't get his steak until about 11 pm.

An hour after I get into my sleeping bag, alone in my little tent, it starts raining. Thunder rages somewhere in the mountains, miles away. I think about gods bowling.

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Up in Pole Hill.
-Estes Park, CO
Up in Pole Hill. -Estes Park, CO
The view from a peak on Pole Hil…
"The view" from a peak on Pole Hi…
The morning after camping, walking…
The morning after camping, walkin…
Estes Park
photo by: kchrist454