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I've only been to Baguio twice, the first time was in November of '07 when my boyfriend and I went there for our first anniversarry vacation. I was so thrilled to see the place. And being a first timer I went straight ahead to the famous ukay-ukays and silver shops. The silver shops sell accesories in dirt cheap prices and the designes were all cute. the ukayans on the other hand sells items on a department store price. Although the shoes and clothes they sell are one of a kind, charging customers from 200 for clothes and 600 for shoes is too much. I buy ukay clothes for as low as P20 so there is no way Im paying 10x the actual value of a second hand stuff. We arrived around 6am via Victory Liner and decided to walk our way to Venice hotel. It was cold and I could see fogs when I speak. Our check in time is still at 2pm so we decided to have an early tour ofi the city. We had no idea where is the best place to eat and mu bf is quite picky with his food so we decided to at Chowking where he ordered the usual beef. As for the food experienc we did not get much of it as we lived on fast food the whole time of our stay, but we sure had fun touring the place. Baguio City is a small place and can be toured in a day or two. The taxi drivers are really nice and honest, they'll give your exact change up to the last cent. Bravo!!! We went to Burnham Park, Wright Park, Worlf of PineTrees (but no pine trees in sight) and the garden of roses but the roses were all dead. The flowers won't bloom until February in time for the Flower Festival. We also visited the President's Mansion, Grotto and the Mines View Park.  The place was cozy and and not has hot as the scorching Manila.


The following year we went back to baguio this time with two of our friends Zha and Marci. We had no plans at all and no place to stay when we arrived. We just packed our bags and bought ourselves bus tickets. It was the Panagbenga Festival the flower festival and the place was jampacked with tourist both local and foreign. We arrived early morning at around 4am. We walked around to look for a place to crash but all were occupied. Luckily the manong magtataho that we bought strawberry taho from helped us with finding a place to stay. Just when we thought it was impossible to find a place he lead us to Call Lily a transient house at the back of the church and just a few minutes away from the bus terminal. We got a romm for 4 people for 3,000 for the entire weekend. The rate was higher because of the festival. Normally the rate is from 250 to 300 per pax only. The festival really great and the street performances were amazing. It was my first time to be in a festival so I really enjoyed it.

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