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a tourist with Phil Lynott. watch out, it could be you!
On Sunday I met Christin for sushi.
First I had a coffee in McCafe (served in a glass!?), then she cheated by having a quick cheese burger. We went to Phil Lynott's statue and watched the people for a while.
Meeting point was the statue of Molly Melone. We met some colleagues of hers and then went to Aya, Dublin's favorite sushi bar. Sushi served on a belt. Roughly  €3 per plate,  depending on the color some are more expensive, some are cheaper. We heard there was supposed to be happy hour on, but couldn't read anything about it. The staff was not very happy when we asked about it, then made a note on our little table sheet, that our plates are just €1.50 as we know about the Happy Hour. Weird. The sushi was delicious though. You have to be carefull though, what you get, they even put meat in their sushi, and I don't eat meat. So watch out :)
I paid then €15 for my 10 plates (the others had just about 4 or 5), 2.90 for my coke (ordered diet, got normal one) and €2 for the seat (how weird, but I had a great seat :)). Comes you to €20 which is a lot for being hungry few hours later, but totally worth it, cos I just looooove sushi
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a tourist with Phil Lynott. watch …
a tourist with Phil Lynott. watch…
nice roof
nice roof
nice roof
nice roof
me with my sunglasses on my nose..…
me with my sunglasses on my nose.…
Molly Melone attacked by leprechau…
Molly Melone attacked by leprecha…
the sushi belt in Dublin's favori…
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