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My impressions about Greece during my week long trip is mostly based on the perception about Europe after living for almost 2 years in the Nordics, it was a truly amazing country. The buildings in cities Thessaloniki, Athens looks very different from the cities of Europe, they do lack the character, but I understand it’s designed for the Greek climate. Old parts of the Athens city is truly charming. Churches in Greece look very different and beautiful ( I don’t understand much of architecture but they are not gothic, Romanesque or Renaissance J ) and not massive. Every residential building has a long balcony running all around the building. Traffic is chaotic when compared to Nordics and drivers are really skilled. As a pedestrian you need to take care of yourself. Public transport is effective. Every second person in the city seems to smoke and smoke everywhere, only place where people were not allowed to smoke in my whole trip was in the flights and Athens Metro. Small traders holding meat shops and general stores are common, unlike big super markets in other parts of Europe. Bakeries and Takeaways have some interesting and affordable things to munch. Pirated DVDs are sold and bought everywhere. Food and drinks are amazingly tasty stuff, Greeks eat some tasty food no doubt about it. Country has a history of over 2500 years and everything you see has an interesting story from the past. People are full of energy and dynamic and at the same time laid back. Most of the youngsters speak English and most of the middle aged and old people don’t. Whoever it is they are more than willing to help you. People in the tourism industry (shops, restaurants, guides etc) are well matured; they try to sell things without being pushy. I loved this as it will be really boring to walk across a touristy place, without having a feeling of tourist. Santorini islands are beautiful due its unique landscape and cube houses and clear waters of the Mediterranean. The blue dome churches and white washed houses with doors and windows in blue make Santorini look like a fairly tale down.

Fell in love with Greece...
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