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Waste dumps cover the land
Entry to the mine was an easy affair, i watched half a video on Im not sure what and signed a piece of paper and was suddenly inducted, painless. The mine is a large scale Iron Ore operation that i am told has been running since Jesus played fullback for the Jerusalem Boneheads football club, I have seen no evidence to support this but Im told its true.
Boring details to follow: Opened in 1947, Sishen Mine is Kumba’s flagship operation and one of the largest open-pit mines in the world. It operates 24/7 and in 2008 produced 34 million tons of iron ore. With a mineral resource of 2 455 million tons, the mine has a life of more than 27 years at the current rate of production. Now you know, even the Dwarves of Moria would have struggled to hit those numbers.

My machine was still in lego mode and should make it to the training area in a few days, turned out to be a few weeks. This happens a lot I get there machine not ready have to leave before any training is done and onto the next job. So suffice it to say I had quite a bit of spare time to rummage through Biggles books and have a look at South Africa.

A trip to Augrabies falls out near the rim of the Kalahari desert is not all its cracked up to be. When you get to the gate you are met at the gate by some 12 year old kid who don't speak inglish (sic) with blazing white teeth that should be an add for toothpaste that wont, quite and a form that requires enough information to receive a kidney transplant or at the very least adopt a child. He then informs us that because Im not from here i.e. a tourist they want to charge me double the gate rate My mate gets in for $44rand and I get to pay $88. Whats this says I, an old fashioned highway robbery stick ur hands in the air thing. Then he tells us we must pay at the office, so not to be outdone I send my trusted co-hort into by the tickets at the wholesale price and "hows ur farther" 10 seconds later where in. They don't check to see who's byin the tickets. As I said before find an African who speaks the lingo most important. Well the falls fell and we had lunch which was so-so and if I can ever download the pics you will get to see them. Oh by the way the falls are some 250 km's from Kathu.

Sunday see's us at a game park an hours drive from Kathu. Pudu Game park is an average affair but lunch was sensational, huge steaks and all sorts of tender treats and cold beer got to see half a dozen bits of wildlife and a Giraffe called Big Daddy who walks around the car enough times to make you dizzy and wish you had bought another six pak (beer) I don't know who paid for the Beer or the lunch or the entry into the park I just know I didn't, I know I know i felt guilty for about the same amount of time it takes to get a wife in russia on line.
Nope didn't get to shoot anything except with the camera. Back to Kathu by about 4. We went out on a culinary examination of the local food spots and was amazed to see that what at one stage was quite edible food had somehow been transformed into something that was not, we believe that this process is called burning, what was at the beginning quite tantalising food was now a cancer causing agent that is banned in most restaurants with the exception of any Gordon Ramsey's places. Thats not to say that all the food was bad but look around.

The days passed and it was time to leave sunny Kathu and head back to Jo-burg so off we went. 6 hrs back to town and sleep.
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Waste dumps cover the land
Waste dumps cover the land
photo by: grimboystoe