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The anticipation of going on holiday after a long days work is enough to kill anyone, least of all me... holiday addict.  Working a full 8hr day and the squeezing onto the London underground at rush hour is not the most pleasant experience.  The journey from oxford circus to Kings cross st-pancras is not long at all.  The victoria line can get you there in 10mins, providing you can get onto a train.  Laden down with my suitcase and my handbag I manage to squeeze onto a carriage with just enough space to struggle into an unknown armpit.  On arrival at Kings cross, don't get too happy too quickly, there is a long battle to get to the international departure terminal.  Firstly everyone decides to walk at the pace of a snail, so you have to twist and turn to get around them, using a strategic method to avoid running people over with my suitcase.  Eventually I reach the first lift at level -3, which takes me to level -2.  From there its another long walk till you hit the next lift that takes you to level -1.  You go through the ticket barrier before you hit the next lift which finally takes you to level 0.  From there you have to walk a little further till you reach the international terminal.  Great, I hit the terminal and the first thing I want to do is use the toilet... oh shit.  So I follow the signs with the arrows pointing ⟶ this way, then that way �", then this way ←, eventually this way �'.  So I approach the toilet entrance only to discover that it is all boarded up.  I spot an attendant... "excuse me, where is the closet toilet?"  "Oh sorry 'mam this toilet is closed."  "Yes, I realise that but where is the next closet toilet?"  "Yes 'mam, this toilet is closed."  "Yes, I am very well aware of that but where can I find another one?"  The attendant looks at me blankly... until a light bulb pings in his head.  "Yes 'mam, you have to go all the way back to the entrance near the boots.  "Thanks."  Oh shit that is all the way back the way I just came.  So I head that way as if on a mission and join the queue for the 10,000.  Yes of course every woman in the station needs to pee at the same time as me. 

I'm pissed off with the station already and all I want is to get to Paris.  Thank my lucky stars that I'm not flying, due to the volcanic ash from Iceland all flights have been cancelled outbound and inbound.  For this reason only... the Eurostar rocks. 

The great part about the e-ticket is that you have that barcode to scan to get through to the check in area.  It means that you can get through really quickly avoiding the long queues.  Great.  I pass through to security just to get stuck behind the slowest pair of OAP's.  It seems like they use every bit of energy just taking their coat off and then getting their sleeve stuck because of a watch or a bunched up sleeve underneath or something.  Of course they beep as they pass through the metal detector and so delays me even more.  Eventually when i make it through to passport control the process is swift and then I have loads of time to chill out in the waiting area.  If you arrive early its best to have some sort of reading material to keep you occupied, there isn't much else to do.  The electic mix of accents around you might keep you occupied for a bit as you try to guess where they are from.  The train doesn't open to passengers until 25mins before departure, I just on as soon as the gate opens.  Settled... train starts moving... its travelling backwards, damn, I hate to travel backwards. 

anupa_rk says:
This is hilarious!
Posted on: May 05, 2010
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