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The hike to Robin Hood Bay, absolutely lovely!

I couldn't sleep very well that night which turned out to be a good thing. The sun rises really early in the UK. And when I say "really early", I mean "really early". It was shining bright by 530a and from Cornwall experience, I love taking pictures of busy ports early in the morning before the crowds set in. I started off with a warm cup of tea. One thing I wanted to do was cash in on the lovely garden they had overlooking the green. It was wonderful sipping hot hot chai on a rather cold yet crisp morning.

After chai, I went for a walk and took lots of pictures. The early morning sun rays seem to capture natural spots so well. I would say that in the  15 minutes that I wandered around town, I've taken what are about 5 of my favourite pictures of the entire trip. The whole town was so quiet, it was just surreal to see.

One thing I love about the UK is this rare combo of tranquility and natural beauty.

Finished my breakfast of cereal and eggs, and met the Leeds walking group at 9a as promised, and we started our walk. The nicest thing about travelling and staying in hostels is meeting people from all walks of life. The cool thing about this particular group was that you had people of all nationalities, ages, and specialities (everything from Physics to molecular biology to languages). The weather was pretty hot, clear sunny skies, something told me this was going to be a looong day!

The walk was spectacular, took me back to the hike I did from Tintagel to Boscastle 2 yrs ago, except that there was more greenery here.

However sadly, the cliffs were made of stone that was quickly eroding, and the cliffs didn't seem as robust as the ones I saw in the Cornwall area. But I enjoyed the conversation the most - spoke about so many things to so many people. These are people who've come from the world, travelled the world and were very passionate about the things they teach or believe in. The route was very similar to the Tintagel one (although I found that one more challenging), but the same ups, downs and the lovely fences and that "National Trust" symbol all around, I felt very nostalgic!

The hike, about 6 miles long took us 3 hours with a few breaks in between (I had lovely apples in my bag), and we reached Robin Hood Bay by noon. I had chips takeaway from a Fish and Chips shop, and ate with the rest of the group by the beach.

More English green
I was a bit too tired and sunburnt, so I didn't really "get" Robin Hood Bay and its supposed deep cliffs. But I knew I'd be back here soon. I had time to grab a wonderful fresh ice cream on my way up the hill again.

We started our walk back to Whitby by 2pm, and we decided to take a flatter route not facing the ocean. This route used to be a railway line between both towns. The walk was really very non descript, except that at one point, we sort of got lost, and ended up taking a really long route that had us go through fields with dandelions, plantations, etc. My feet were sore, I was sunburnt but it was a really good feeling overall.

Reached Whitby around 6pm, so my plans of visiting the Abbey were crushed. I went back to my room, showered and went down to town for a walkaround, as well as for some sunset snaps (see the next entry).

moshers_moll says:
Great photo's of the coastline. One of the things I miss most about the UK. I'm so glad you managed to visit Robin Hood Bay, one of my favourite places to go walking :)
Posted on: Jun 06, 2010
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The hike to Robin Hood Bay, absolu…
The hike to Robin Hood Bay, absol…
More English green
More English green
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Another classic "England" shot
Robin Hood Bay
photo by: Vikram