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In all of two weeks, we were given only ONE full free day to spend it at our leisure.  I had already decided that I was going to the zoo, even if I had to go by myself (which I figured would be the case.  Here I was, in our nation's capital, with all these political people, and I wanted to go to the zoo???)  But, I mentioned it the night before at dinner, and Brian enthusiastically said he'd go, too!  He loves zoos as well.  (I was pretty close to being right, though, everyone else was going to the Capitol, Supreme Court, etc etc). Brian and I decided to meet about 9 o'clock and head to the National Zoo. 

We grabbed breakfast on the go, getting ham, egg and cheese bagels at a cafe near the zoo, before we proceeded on.

  Goal #1: find the panda bears, which we accomplished.  I was mesmerized by these adorable creatures.  They certainly live the life... all-you-can-eat bamboo all day long, relaxing while people take your picture...  And, I learned something, too.  Pandas aren't actually bears, they are more closely related to the raccoon.  (I was telling this to people for days).  We strolled through the zoo a little longer, watching a few of the animals.

My second goal for the day was to see the Washington Monument, and get as close as possible.  (On my last trip to DC, I managed to not even get the first picture of Washington Monument.  I thought I'd taken one, and didn't want to end up with a couple dozen. Ha.)  We took a taxi from the zoo, to the monument, and I was able to walk right up and put both hands on it!

From here, Brian and I walked around the Mall, and went to the Museum of Natural History, at Brian's request.

  I was impartial to visiting.  That is, until I found that they had dinosaurs.  Oh, my goodness, I LOVE dinosaurs.  In kindergarten, I learned all the names, all the herbivores, everything about dinosaurs.  We also saw the Hope Diamond (there is quite a crowd, and security, around it).

While in the Museum of Natural History, we ran into a couple co-trainees and joined them to go to another museum, an art museum, but I don't remember which.  It was just about closing time, and we only saw a few.  I did come across some Van Gogh, which made me happy; his masterpieces are some of my favorites.

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