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So Last Summer…. SINGAPORE. Singapore is fantastic, amazing and absolutely entertaining. It’s kind of like what London would be if we kept it place clean and built a giant sauna surrounding it. Ok, no, It’s much better than London, that was a complete lie. So What not to miss when in Singapore…. 1) Watch the sunset from Esplanade theatre. Sounds pretty tame but it was by far my favourite thing I did during my time there and it didn’t cost a penny. 2) Experience go-carting on Sentosa Island. If you’re an adrenaline junkie this will probably suffice your days needs. You can whiz down the entire length of the island (just off the coast) racing against fellow riders or simply taking it slow and enjoying the views. Definitely worth a go. 3) Walk the Jungle trails that circle the city. Simply for the fantastic views and experience of walking on a balcony walk 50 ft (maybe more!?) in the air. Do this in the early morning or late evening as it gets hot hot hot. 4) Go to Bugis Market. Seriously. It will blow your mind. So many things to buy and so many things to see, best of all? IT’S SO GOSH DARN CHEAP. 5) Wait for a big a thunderstorm and go swimming. The weather in Singapore is always the extremes and when it rains - IT POURS. So find a swimming pool (or the sea) and go and embrace it! Rain swimming is awesome and equally weird. 6) Sneak into one of Singapore many 5* hotels. As a traveller you may not get the chance to experience luxury so there is an easy solution. Just pretend to be a resident and pull off the greatest stunt since James Bond slid down the millennium dome. Put on the fanciest clothes you brought, leave you rucksack behind for a night and gate-crash. Yes it’s naughty, but it’s so very fun. 7) Visit the Zoo and night safari. As simple as it sounds really. So much to do and see, it would foolish not to go. 8) Get yourself down to Orchard Road Food Court. “Really, a food court?” I hear you ask. But seriously trust me. It is a real taste of local living and literally houses every type of food from everywhere you can possibly imagine. Just be prepared to fight for a table. 9) Take a walk across the Waves Bridge. A fantastic piece of architecture but also just pretty fun to chill on. And unlike any bridge you’ll have been over before. 10) Check out the bars at Boat Quay. I probably couldn’t do the nightlife justice with words so I’ll just say “HELLO AWESOME!”. Seriously, if you want to visit a bar that is themed around a hospital clinic (no jokes here kids) and has wheelchairs instead of bar stools then Boat Quay is the place to go. Make sure you go with equally fun people and make sure you have your accommodation name written on your arm. Just in case, you know, alcohol gets the better of you.
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