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6am- wake up and attempt to not bother any of the other 7 people in my hostel. NOTE: refuse a top bunk if this morning crap has to happen! 


met all of the people on my tour for breakfast and departure. I was officially known as the loud girl from the US 15 minutes into the trip. At least all of the Aussies and Kiwis seemed nice about it! People kept thinking I was a guide from how much I wanted to get to know everyone! I cant help if I'm a morning person and loud by nature! But making friend with everyone was so easy! Everyone was just as excited as I was! 

Our tour guide's name was AMY. Met a bunch of lovely people! But this is my blog about my trip, so Ill stick to my stories :) 

We took a quick 2 hr bus ride to Dover (THE WHITE HILLS OF DOVER!!!) and hopped on a ferry to Calais, France! ALREADY had the time of my life doing that! 

After ANOTHER 4 hour bus ride (we met our driver and chef in Calais!), we arrived at our Paris campsite!

SIDENOTE!: when i signed up to camp, i thought it was perm. tents with bunks or locks or something. NOPE! just a tent and blow up mattress. and honestly, i am pleasantly surprised! this is so much better, pitching a tent and walking outside to get to the toilets. the more i have to rough it, the better!

After our yummy dinner and tent pitching tutorial, we went for a little drive around Paris. Our driver is a great navigator (I guess he wouldnt have gotten the job if he wasnt??). But moving the big coach through the crowded streets of Paris cannot be easy! We got a quick glimpse of the city and places such as the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur (THOSE VIEWS! THOSE FRENCH MEN!), Champ Elysses, the Arc de Triomphe, the Moulin Rouge. All the usuals. NOTHING disappointed! All were more magnificent and beautiful and interesting then I would have thought. Got attacked by a little french man at the top of the sacre coeur... and by attacked, i mean kissed. not complaining ;) 

Tomorrow is a FULLL day to ourselves in Paris. This is amazing. Amazing times a million.

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photo by: Sweetski