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The reason behind going to Prague was that I was going to visit my best friend Susi in Germany again and this time I was bringing my parents over to see Germany. My mom wanted to take a mini trip while we were there and I shouted out Prague! I had seen so much about it and it looked like a beautiful city, so I convinced them it would be a waste not to go.

Susi lives in Leipzig, Germany which is on the eastern side, so it was only about a 3 hour drive to Prague. On our ride we saw these little houses in the middle of nowhere scattered along the highway. The first one wasn't so shocking until we discovered exactly what they were. These little houses had great big windows and there were girls dancing( although fully clothed) in front of them.
There it is... Hotel Evropa
My mother, being as sweet as she is said "dont they know people can see them??!!" I said that was the idea since they were "advertising"! With the shock of it we laughed for a good while.

The language barrier was one I had never discovered before. Having traveled around western Europe I always managed with the handful of words I pick up and also with the help of friends translating. Although with Czech, the language it is nothing like that of ours..not even close... so that provided extra fun! We found some people who spoke little bits of german who would speak to Susi, who would then translate to us. It was fairly funny.

Once arriving in the city, we found our hotel which was supposed to be a great example of art nouveau. Hotel Evropa was however a run down old hotel, with an elevator I went on one time and never again! There was no inner door so you could watch the walls and floors pass as you traveled up to your designated floor! When Susi and I got to our room, we thought "ok this isnt so bad.
.." however the one chair in the room could not be sat in since it had never been reupholstered, and you would fall thru it! The window was completely rotted and paint was peeling off haha. The beds felt like stone slabs and we couldn't stop laughing! Do not get me wrong, I have a strong appreciation for old world european style, however I like it to be touched up a bit if I have to sleep in it!

Now on to the bathroom, we were lucky enough to have booked a room with our own bathroom and I fell in love with the bathtub since it was huge! The kind that the sides are past your shoulders when sitting in it. After my bath, I was putting lotion on my arms and saw these giant white spots thinking "what tha...." and i looked up towards the ceiling. All the steam and hot air over the years had worn the paint off the ceiling and it was flaking off, and landing on me.
I came out looking at Susi without words. Even after all this time, I still wouldn't trade that hotel room for one at the Ritz. We would spend the evening laying out the window looking down on the square having a smoke and enjoying the sounds of the city. And then throw them out since my parents were right next door and would lean out their window and bust us for smoking...even being 23 at the time.

We toured the castle and went to the old town square to watch the clock. The castle was just beautiful with the view looking down over the river. While we were buying tickets for the kings chambers, my father and I realized that we had left my mother in a shop without supervision. While we rushed back my mom was still there walking around with a pile of books and books and more books in her arms.
----now my mother cannot be trusted on her own when visiting a historical site. She will be the favorite person to a shopkeeper seeing that she needs no convincing to purchase every product in the store. Luckily this time we caught her and slowly walked her away from the tourist merchandise!---

Prague was a different experience. I wish I had more time to travel the city and I wish I had looked up more about it before the trip. Now having been, my interest had become more keen and looking back I wish I had the appreciation and knowledge of the city I do now, for when I was there. However! We ate lots of goulash and drank czech beer (which is pretty common for me). Discovered an czech/asian shop (weird I know) that sold "champagne" which we very much enjoyed since it was like $2.00 for a whole bottle, we brought lots of those home. Saw lots of men trying to woo us into a club, don't know to see the dancers or be the dancers! Even our hotel had a private restaurant that had table top dancing!! :)

So after three very fast days we jumped back in the car said goodbye to the crazy hotel, and drove back to Leipzig.
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There it is... Hotel Evropa
There it is... Hotel Evropa
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photo by: vulindlela