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After having a bit of a lie-in (well, I am on holiday after all), my first task of the day was to lighten the load of my luggage. Even though I was just dragging it around, it was still a bit of a strain, especially when lugging it up and down stairs. I was pretty harsh with stuff and managed to select about 5kg of stuff to send back home, including a few changes of clothes, a fleece top and some spare toiletries. I would have probably used the stuff I selected at some point, but I could live without it!

My next job was to post it! I found the grand old main post office the day before, so made my way there. The person behind the counter didn't speak English, but a friendly customer could and helped me get the right from to fill in. With that filled in, I handed the package over with the hope that it would get home okay.

One more job to do before I can have some fun! The train to Warsaw was quite expensive, so I checked out bus fairs and found a cheap one from Ecolines going for €30. I made my way to the international bus station, which is a bit out of town. I eventually found the agent who sells Ecolines tickets, as they don't have their own office at the station. The agent charged a hefty €5 commission though, which was rather annoying. Made a note to buy online the next time and print the ticket myself.

With all of the jobs out the way, it was time to do something fun, so I jumped on a metro and headed across the river to the Prague Castle area. The castle is one of the biggest in the world and is situated on top of a large hill to the east of the city centre. From the metro station, I walked through a garden with a pretty fountain and up a long path to the castle. For me, the highlight of the castle complex is the big and imposing St Vitus Cathedral. From the outside, the stained glass windows look quite grubby, but from the inside, with light shining through them, they are quite spectacular.

I continued through the castle complex, snapping photos as I went. There a few good look out points, giving a great panoramic view over the city. From one of these, I got a good view of the immense TV tower, looming over the far edge of the city like the Citadel from Half-Life 2. There were no Combine in sight, thankfully!

At the other end of the castle, there is a pathway leading to a wooded hill, which has a mini Eiffel Tower perched on top. My legs were groaning at this point, but I forged on and carried on up the hill. After having a little rest at the top, I wandered around the pretty parks, checked out the observatory and gazed up at the tower, but didn't have the chance to scale it.

To spare my legs, I took the funicular railway down to the bottom of the hill and caught a tram to Charles Bridge, which I crossed on foot, then found a metro to take me home. I stopped off at a supermarket called 'Albert' to pick up food for dinner, then headed back to the hostel. An English guy, from London, was in my dorm room when I got back and he talked and talked and talked! It was all good though, as it was the first proper conversation I had in 3 days! He was a film writer, who had quit his job in the UK and was spending a few months travelling for inspiration and to give him time to write. We chatted for a few hours, but I was getting hungry, so went to eat, then uploaded some photos before heading to bed.
sylviandavid says:
I hope you will upload pictures here .... it would really help round the blog out.... Happy travels!
Posted on: Jan 13, 2012
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photo by: vulindlela