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I wasn’t in a rush getting up this morning, so had quite a slow start. After feeding myself, I did a bit of browsing and booked a hostel for Vilnius inLithuania, my next destination.

With that out of the way, I headed over to the big, shiny new shopping mall, just next to the Palace of Science and Culture and the main train station. I had a very quick look into is a few days earlier, but it was closing time and I got chased out and wanted a better look. I was also on the look out for a small laptop or netbook. Even though my iPod Touch had proven invaluabe so far, it took a little too long to type anything substanstial or to do any serious multi-page browsing, so I thought buying a wee netbook would help. The mall has a great glass roof, quite similar to the roof surrounding the round reading room in the British Museum, but with more an irregular shape. 
I checked out a few electronic shops, but nothing jumped out at me. By now, my stomach was reminding me it as nearly lunch time, so I headed to the supermarket and picked up some Polish goodies for lunch, then went back to the hostel to devour them.

With my stomach full, I headed back out into Warsaw and hopped on a tram to the south of the city. This part of Warsaw had a very Soviet feel to it, with lots of grey concrete buildings covered in patriotic communist murals, mainly showing workers and soldiers in heroic poses.  

From here, I walked to Lazienki Royal Park, a big and beautiful old park, which use to be the former summer resedance of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. On the way to the entrance of the park propper, I passed an open air concert being set up, with a rather load death metal band doing a sound check. I didn’t hand around. The park is very big and well maintained, with mostly wooded areas and dotted with ponds and old buildings (including The Palace on the Water and an amphitheater).  

I spent a few relaxing hours wondering around and discovering things. At one point, a very confident little red squirrel (with rather large ears) came up to me wanting some food and proceeded to climb up my leg, which was a bit of a shock, especailly as I had nothing to give the little fella.  I also spotted a deer wandering through the park, but it wasn’t as friendly as the squirrel, thankfully, and walked off if anyone got near to it. 

I wandered by the open air concert again, which was in full swing now, after leaving the park. I must have missed the death metalers and now some cheesy pop group were belting out some cheesy and popy, so I kept on walking. I went back to the tram stop on a slightly different path and ended up walking through a little neighbourhood of little wooden cottages, which were sent from Finland after the 2nd World War, as part of their reperations for fighting against the Russians, and were used to house the workers  helping to rebuild the war ravaged city. From there I made my way back to the tram stop and headed back to the hostel.

There was no one around the hostel in the evening (again), so I ate and did some surfing, before walking up to the old town to see it at night. The building were really well lit, which gave a nice atmosphere, especially around the squares, with all of the restaurants, and the bits of the remaining city wall. There were lots of tourists around, of course, but I had a really good walk around and took some nice pictures, before heading back to the hostel. I had downloaded another episode of Lost onto my iPod earlier in the day, so treated myself to it before heading to bed. Only a few more episodes to the end of the series!!!

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photo by: scarlettwitch