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After a relatively sleepless night, I dragged myself out of bed at around 9. The girls has gone in the night and Matt was getting himself ready for the train to Rome.

After getting myself up and ready, I headed into town and found a nice little market to pick up a few things for breakfast. I made my way through the back streets of Pisa to the fabled Leaning Tower, where I picked up my tickets for the climb later in the day, which weighed in at a hefty €15! No dinner for me today! I was quite impressed by how much it does lean, it's quite extraordinary that it's still standing.

I had some time to kill before my allotted time to climb the tower, so I also got a ticket for the Duomo (the cathedral) in the Piazza dei Miracoli, which was a far more reasonable €2. The Piazza is a bit of a tourist hell, with lots of souvenir stalls, guys selling knocked off bags and throngs of tourists. As well as lots of people taking photos of their friends propping up the tower. I resisted the temptation of doing something similar and instead took photos of the silly people waving their arms in the air.

My parents have a photo of me sitting at the top of the tower when I was 2 years old. I couldn't remember the experience, of course, but always wanted to go back to form my own memory of it and not rely on an old photo. The climb up the tower wasn't all that bad, even with the spiral staircase tilting at an odd angle. The views from the top were amazing, even on a cloudy day. The city was spread out all around, with big green hills surrounding it on 3 sides. Not sure it was worth the €15, but I'm very happy I did it.

I spent the rest of the day wondering around the city, taking off down back streets, away from the tourist trail, just seeing what I can discover along the way, including the remains of an old viaduct, which runs from the north-east of the town, possibly up into the hills.

I returned to the hostel at around 7ish and spent a few hours uploading photos and updating Facebook, then had a very cheap dinner of €0.35 noodles and chatted to the guy who ran the hostel.
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photo by: asturjimmy