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Some rather noisy Polish people woke me up quite early, as they were leaving to catch something. I got a few more hours sleep after they left and dragged myself out of bed at around 9. After breakfast, I packed my bag and left it at reception, as I was getting a bus to Vilnius later that day. 

I hadn’t explored the west of the city yet, so I walked by the Palace (of course) on my way out there. There wasn’t a great deal there, apart from some very tall buildings and the occupation museum, which I didn't have time to visit, so I didn’t spend very long there. 

I picked up some lunch and headed to the park near the city center I vistied a few days earlier. I found myself a seat on the pathway leading to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and ate my lunch, sharing it with the brave little birds who dare to steal from pigeons. 

It was an overcast day, but I wan’t expecting it to rain, but rain it did, and boy did it rain! The rain pounded down for a good half-hour or so, turning the pathways in rivers and drenching everyone in the park. I had an umbrella with me, so managed to finish my lunch without getting too wet. The force of the water hitting the ground was so strong, meant that the umbrella wasn’t doing much to protect the lower half of my body. I decided to try and find a bit of shelter elsewhere in the park, but the good spots were taken. I perched under a tree, which didn’t really make much of a difference. It was there I noticed something odd on the ground around me and bent down to pick up a marble sized chunk of ice! At least the tree broke their fall and I was very glad one of them didn’t hit me on the head.

Not long after that, the rain died down and eventually stopped, so I made my way out the park and towards the Old Town. I noticed some stalls out in the middle of a nearby street, which turned out to be a local food fayre. There were lots of meats, breads, beer and other assorted local goodies. I had a good look around and came across a group of traditional Polish dancers, who were just getting ready to perform, so I perched myself nearby and watched as they danced and spun around, to the beat of a traditional band. I was very happy to come accross something like this, especially on my last day in Poland.

I made my way back to the hostel and had a nice cup of tea, while sending a few emails and updating Facebook. It was time to head for the bus, so I picked up my bag from reception and left the hostel. Thankfully, the horrible little man from the first day hadn't had a shift for the rest of the time I was there! I ws feeling a bit peckish, so picked up a kebab, before catching a public bus to the big coach station on the edge of town.

The bus wasn’t all that bad and I had 2 seats to myelf, as it wasn’t very busy, but I didn’t expect to get a good nights sleep. I chatted to a nice Latvian girl (Lasma) for a few hours, who was heading back to Riga from Italy, where she was working as an au pare. She had been travelling by bus all the way from Italy and had another day on a bus to go before she would arrive home.  We swapped contact details and made plans to catch up in Riga when I arrived there.

At around midnight, we stopped at rather strange place for a toilet break, so most of us got off to stretch our legs and take care of business. After we got off, the bus drove off and dissapeared around the corner, which was a little worrying. After the business had been taken care of, we waited where we were dropped, but there was no sign of the bus. 10 worrysome minutes later, it finally came back, which was such a relief! 

I spent the next 6 hours trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep...

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