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Even with a very late night, I couldn't stay asleep (possibly something to do with rubble being loaded into a barge outside my window), so got up at around 8am. Bleugh. I'm so very glad I don't drink; I can't imagine what I would be feeling like I drank all of those ruddy shots!

It was another warm and wet day in Venice and as it was my last day here (for a while, anyway), I wanted to make the most of it, but my tiredness was making that slightly difficult, so I had a bit of a slow start. After getting myself ready, I re-packed my rucksack ready for leaving later that day and grabbed some breakfast with the other guests. The American girl was heading off to Ibiza that day (so sorry I forgot her name), so we said our goodbyes and her and her friend headed off. Nikki joined us after a little while, with a bit of a sore head. It was getting close to lunchtime and Nikki needed something greasy to perk her up, so we headed out for a (short) walk and a pizza, which made her feel much better. We then wondered over to San Marcos and along the southern edge of the island. Then we decided we fancied a cake and a coffee to round off lunch. The cafes and restaurants along the water front were a bit touristy, so we headed off a back street and found a more 'local' place to stop.

Nikki wanted to visit the Doges Palace in the afternoon, but I had already been there on my last visit and I'm on a tight budget, so I left her to it and went for another walk. I spent a good half-hour wandering round the Piazza San Marco, watching the tourists taking their photos, while listening to the classical music supplied by the fancy restaurants on the edges of the square. It was quite a beautiful moment. I'll say again, I do love this place. I headed to the west of the island, walking by the Arsenale (the heavens opened at that point - hurrah for Gore-tex, boo for €2 Pisian umbreallas) and up into the north-west, which is where the real Venice is for me. This part is well off the main tourist trail and you can see more of the real Venitian way of life. To duck of the rain, I found a lovely old church (well, there are a lot of them in Venice) and sat of one of the pews, listening to the church organ while relaxing. With my legs feeling ready for more punishemnt again, I wondered around the church and found a cute courtyard, where half a dozen people were sitting with easels, painting the statue in the centre of the yard. I braved the rain again and set off towards my hostel, through the back streets of Venice without a map!

I returned at around 6, to find Nikki asleep in the dorm room, so I got my things together and ate the leftovers from last night. She woke a little while later, in time to see me off. We said our goodbyes and exchnged contact detils, with the hope I'd run into her again, maybe in Australia later in my trip or in London on my return, then headed for the train station. I decided it would be easier to carry the rucksack on my back, instead of dragging it (it has wheels), so trudged off in the rain. 20 sweaty painful minutes later, I reached the station, vowing to get rid of some stuff from my rucksack! A gelto would have gone down very well at that point, but the one in the station was closed and I wasn't going anywhere will that ruddy rucksack!

I boarded my train at about 9pm and found my cabin for the night. There were 4 Hungarian guys and a bottle of vodka in it, which didn't fill me with confidence for a nice trip. They all left (I'm sure I didn't smell) after a little while to go the dining car, but when they came back, they manged to persuade the train guard to move me, which was very nice of them (I think). It seemed that only one cabin was occupied in that carriage, so there was plenty of room! Anyway, I moved to my own cabbin and settled down for the night. The beds are relativly comfortable (for 2nd class, anyway) and you could probably get a good nights sleep on it. Although with 5 other people in a cabbin, it might not be so nice, especially if you can't open the windows, which makes the cabin feel more like an oven! I drifted off to sleep at around 1am, but it wasn't going to be a very sleep filled night....

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photo by: asturjimmy