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How nice it is to wake up in Venice, or it would be if I wasn't waking up in a storage cupboard... Oh well, I'm in Venice and that's the main thing!

After getting up at around 9, I had grabbed some toast and joined the other bleary eyed guests around the massive table in the hostels common room. I chatted to an American girl (sorry, I forgot her name!), who had been studying in Spain for a semester and was traveling around Europe for a month, before heading back to the US to start her next year.

My next stop was going to be Ljubljana in Slovenia, but there isn't an easy way to get there from Venice, so I decided to head straight to Budapest. I was planning on seeing more places in Europe, but it would have meant only spending a day or two in each place, which could be quite expensive and exhausting, so I made the hard decision to see fewer places and stay an extra few days in each. With the decision made, I headed over to the train station to pick up my night train tickets to Budapest, which cost a lofty €69, but it did include a bed for the night. Talking of beds, when I got back to the hostel, I discovered that I was to move beds than night, into a proper room this time!

With the ticket bought, it was time to explore more of Venice, the city I fell in love with the first time I was there! Venice is such a lovely place to just walk around and drink in the atmosphere. With all of the twisty, tiny streets, hundreds and bridges and a lot of unmarked dead ends (usually into a canal), Venice is a place you can easily get lost in, but at the same time, it's also a hard place to get truly lost in. It's only a small island (well, lots of small islands really), so if you keep walking long enough, you'll eventually find something you recognise along the way (if you don't fall in to a canal) and should be able to find your way again. I didn't take a map with me and managed to easily find the street I stayed in the last time I was there, all from a 2 year old memory, which is quite an achievement (which will make more sense for people who know me anyway!) .

After walking through the Piazza San Marco, past the tower, Basilica and Doges Palace, I wondered along to and crossed the Ponte dell' Accademia and explored the south-west of the island. I found a nice Piazza to have lunch in, picking up a pizza wrap thing along the way, and spent a while watching tourists wandering around and doing the same as me. With food in my belly, I continued my stroll, heading up through the western part, taking off down back streets, away from the main tourist routes wherever I could. I do love this place.

With tired legs, I headed back to hosteal at around 7pm and discovered a new room-mate in my new room; an fun Australian girl called Nikki, who was traveling around Europe for a few months. We chtted for a while and when my stomach started grumbling, I went to eat the lovely Italian food I bought earlier in the day; Proscuttio ham, mozerella, salad, olives, parmasan and fresh bread, while she headed out for a pizza. I ate at the big table and chatted with the other guests, including the American girl I met in the morning, and her friend.

A little while later Nikki came back, as punch was being served and there was talk of a pub crawl. Not being a drinker, the prospect of paying €15 to be taken to a few pubs and given shots on each bridge wasn't very appealing, but I managed to persuade the organiser to let me tag along for nothing! Only Nikki and I were going that night, as many of the other guests were still recovering from the night before, but we joined a load of other people from other hostels, so there were quite a few there. We started off on the bridge opposite the train station and worked our way through 4 bars, crossing many many bridges along the way, and with each one the others had to down a shot, so it was good fun watching them getting drunker at each crossing! I met some great people that night including 2 Australin girls (Anna and her friend) and 2 American girls (Kristina and Anita) amongst many others, and spent more time chatting with Nikki. I will hopefully see them again when as I make my way around the world. A good night was had by all and I eventually hit the sack at about 4am, thankfully without seeing any red raincoat-wearing knife-wielding midgets!
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photo by: asturjimmy