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Sunsets here were lovely, that was one thing

I have a feeling this might be one of my shorter blog entries! Christian, who I travelled with in the Philippines, had already warned me of this place, ‘It is the worse place i have ever been, like Blackpool but with the sun, actually no, worse than Blackpool’ I just had to go and see this place! I was flying to Bali to meet Scott, who was taking a two week holiday from work to come and see me. I was hoping to squeeze in a trek up an active volcano, of which there are many in Indonesia, before he got there as I knew that wouldn’t be his thing. I thought Kuta beach, being a tourist epicentre, would be the best place to organise this anyway.  

I arrived on the plane from Bangkok and thought my trip had been fast forwarded and i was already in Australia! Aussies, bless em, everywhere, filling up every aussie bar, drinking aussie beer, watching aussie rules footy on the big screens, eating kangaroo steaks.

This just about sums it up here!
. Strewth!! I really couldn’t see why so many Australians decide to holiday here. This place was horrible. Congested full of traffic, risking your life every time you cross the road, packed beaches, tacky souvenir shops, Mcdonalds, some of the most aggressive touts i have come across, high prices (for Asia). GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! I headed straight for a tour shop and after some hefty negotiations bagged myself a trip to Java to trek up Mount Bromo. I was to be picked up first thing in the morning by my guide, great the sooner the better! The only nice thing i can say about this place is the incredible sunset on the beach, shame I had to share it with all the touts...


skippyed says:
Kuta Beach is the Ibiza for Aussies!! hence why I avoid it. Ubud is nice though
Posted on: Oct 08, 2012
whitepunkgirl says:
Sounds interesting.
Posted on: Sep 18, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
Sure wearing a 'Kiss Me Quick' hat would have helped you fit in a bit better ;)
Posted on: Sep 15, 2010
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Sunsets here were lovely, that was…
Sunsets here were lovely, that wa…
This just about sums it up here!
This just about sums it up here!
Site of the devastating 2002 bali …
Site of the devastating 2002 bali…
photo by: eddie8498